Air Cleaners

Clean and uncontaminated  air is critical for laboratories involved in PCR, DNA and RNA analysis, microbiology, virology and tissue culture. The L046-M UV air cleaner combines laminar air flow and non-direct UV light to completely inactivate DNA and to substantially reduce microbiological contamination.

Crosslinkers (UV)

Crosslinkers can be used for a wide range of applications such as fixing nucleic acids to nylon or nitrocellulose membranes, elimination or reduction of PCR contamination, ultraviolet curing of polymers, adhesives and inks and also for UV sterilisation.

DNA Workstations

Our standard and extended length DNA Workstations have been designed to decontaminate reagents and equipment prior to carrying out PCR reactions. Powerful UV lamps denature nucleic acids in 5-30 minutes making them unsuitable for amplification and therefore eliminating any possible cross contamination.



We offer an extensive range of hand-held and post-mounted homogenisers and stainless steel probes for processing plant and animal tissues as well for solution mixing and emulsification. We also have stomachers for soft tissues such as fruit and vegetables.


This benchtop luminometer from VITL uses a novel solid-state photon detector for the measurement of biological and chemical luminescence.

Magnetic Stirrers

Our range of Wiggens magnetic stirrers features instruments with one, four or six independent stirring positions.

Microplotting Systems

The SonoPlot Microplotters are precision picoliter fluid dispensing systems with applications in the life science, polymer, electronics, nanotechnology and nanofabrication markets. They offer significant advantages over existing products in deposited feature size and type, regularity of volumes dispensed, and flexibility for the user.

Ovens and Incubators

These ovens and incubators from Major Science are ideal for hybridisation and a wide range of other heating applications and feature rocking and orbital shaking platforms as well as functionality for rotisseries.

Overhead Stirrers

Wiggens overhead stirrers feature brushless motors that are quiet and long-lasting. Overload protection prevents damage to motors that are fully enclosed to stop liquids penetrating the casing. Our overhead stirrer line includes a number of high torque units that are specifically designed for stirring viscous liquids. A wide range of impellers and other accessories are available for these instruments.


The advanced MaestroNano Pro micro-volume spectrophotometer has been specifically designed for the analysis of samples as small as 2 ┬ÁL. The unit features a novel optical system design that provides capability for the measurement of extremely low concentrations of nucleic acids and proteins.

TLC Imaging and Analysis

The FireReader TLC from UVITEC is a powerful, fully automated and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant thin layer chromatography documentation system with direct UV 254 nm, UV 365 nm and white light illumination. The 6 megapixel 16 bit scientific grade camera features a highly sensitive, fully automated lens that provides superb sensitivity for TLC/HPTLC plates.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths

Advance Scientific offers a wide range of ultrasonic cleaning baths with volumes from 800 mL to 90 Litres. All instruments utilise powerful ultrasonic piezo transducer systems and advanced features to optimise the cleaning process. All bath sizes are fitted with heating systems and the larger units are fitted with drains for easy emptying.

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About Us

Advance Scientific Products Pty Ltd is based in Queensland and is focused on delivering high-quality products and service to our customers in the life and analytical sciences across Australia.

The company was established in 2013 by experienced instrumentation specialists to provide full distribution and customer support capability to manufacturers seeking to expand their activities in Australia without having to create their own sales and marketing infrastructure.