HG400VW | Flapping homogeniser (stomacher) with adjustable speed and observation window (HG400VW)

Key Features

  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor for long working life and quiet operation (< 50 dB)
  • Advanced microprocessor technology for flap control
  • Stainless steel housing with plastic coating for easy-to-clean sample chamber
  • Tempered viewing window
  • Adjustable blending power and flap speed from 20 to 600 strokes/min
  • Digital display of time and blending power
  • Avoids contamination by using sterile single use filter bags that are securely closed under pressure by homogeniser door
  • Can be run continuously or on timer from 1 minute to 24 hours
  • Digital and analog interface for remote control


The Wiggens HG400 VW flapping homogeniser or Stomacher is ideal for the homogenisation of a wide range of fruit, vegetables, animal and fish tissue, or clinical samples in preparation for subsequent microbiological or toxicological analysis. The unit uses specialised single use, sterile filter bags to ensure sample integrity and to avoid contamination and also to separate fluids from solids resulting from the homogenisation process.

The HG400 VW utilizes two stainless steel paddles (flaps) driven by a quiet brushless motor to disrupt the sample. The sample bag is sealed under pressure at the top by the instrument's front door to avoid leakage. Blending power is adjustable and paddle speed can be adjusted between 20 and 600 strokes/min. The HG400 VW has a tempered glass viewing window to monitor the homogenisation process.

Optional Accessories

Part Number
Item Description
Full-page filter bag | 80 mL | 25 per bag: 20 bags per box
Standard bag | 400 mL | 25 per bag: 20 bags per box
Standard bag | 400 mL | 50 per bag: 10 bags per box
Full-page filter bag | 400 mL | 25 per bag: 20 bags per box
Lateral filter bag | 400 mL | 25 per bag: 20 bags per box
Rack for sterilization bags | 10 positions
Clip for sterilization bags


Model number
HG400 VW          
Door design
Stainless steel
Capacity range
50 ml to 400 mL
Flapping speed
Adjustable from 20 to 600 strokes/minute (10 rpm to 300 rpm/min)            
Operating time
1 minute to 24 hours or continuous
<50 dB
Exterior size (W x D x H)
450 mm x 210 mm x 240 mm      
Interior size (W x D x H)
100 mm x 190 mm x 220 mm        
Power requirements

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