179310 | Dry block heater with interchangeable blocks and PT100 temperature sensor control (WD310) | One block version

Key Features

  • Precise temperature stability and accuracy
  • Holds one sample block
  • LED display and timer
  • Rapid heat-up
  • External PT100 temperature sensor control option (sensor included with purchase of instrument)
  • One piece heating chamber made of molded aluminium coated with PTFE
  • Wide range of interchangeable sample blocks


The WD310 dry block bath from Wiggens provides precise temperature stability and accuracy and rapid heat-up. 

The WD310 heating chamber is constructed from molded aluminium coated with PTFE and a wide range of interchangeable blocks allows the WD310 to be used to heat samples in tube sizes from 0.2 mL to 25 mL. The WD310 holds one sample block.

The WD310 features an LED display and timer and can be used with a PT100 sensor for highly accurate temperature control. A sensor is included with the purchase of the dry block heater.

Block Options

Part NumberHole Size (Ø x H)Tube VolumeNo. of Holes
179300-016 mm x 17 mm0.2 mL64
179300-028 mm x 25 mm0.5 mL20
179300-0311 mm x 35 mm1.5 mL or 2.0 mL20
179300-0410 mm x 33 mm10 mL20
179300-0513 mm x 36 mm13 mL20
179300-1017 mm x 44 mm17 mL12
179300-0620 mm x 48 mm20 mL12
179300-0725 mm x 45 mm25 mL6

Ordering Information

The following items are included with the purchase of the WD310:

Part Number
Product Description
179310Dry block heater
PT100-01PT100 temperature sensor (Type 1)
Length: 170 mm
Diameter: 4 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Operating range: -30 to +300°C


Model number
Number of blocks
Temperature setting
Touch button
Set temperature range (°C)
40 - 150 (with PT sensor)
50 - 150 (without PT sensor)
Temperature stability (°C)
Temperature accuracy (°C)
Temperature safety (°C)
Cut off at 170
Timer range
1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes
Instrument dimensions (W x D x H)
200 mm x 270 mm x 80 mm
Heating chamber dimensions (W x D x H)
104 mm x 79 mm x 50 mm
Instrument weight
2.6 Kg
Power requirements
220 VAC | 50 Hz | 2 A

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