100300 | Overhead stirrer with analog control and LED display (WB2000-M)

Key Features

  • Brushless DC motor for extended operating life
  • LED display
  • Uses the latest microprocessor technology for stable and accurate stirring
  • Fully enclosed & compact casing
  • Low noise operation
  • Internal overload protection
  • Soft start at low speed guarantees a smooth & safe stirring process
  • A wide range of optional impellers available


The Wiggens WB2000-M features a brushless motor that is quieter and lasts considerably longer than standard stirrer motors. The unit uses the latest microprocessor technology to generate a stable and accurate stirring process and uses internal overload protection to prevent motor damage. 

The motor is fully enclosed to protect it from liquids. The WB2000-M has an LED display and can be used with a wide range of optional impellers.

More Information

Included with the purchase of the WB2000-M are the overhead stirrer motor, a stand, rod and clamp, and a stainless steel impeller.


Model No.
Display/ control mode
LED digital display/ knob control
Speed accuracy (rpm)
Speed range (rpm)
40 - 2000
Chuck range
10 mm maximum diameter
Maximum viscosity (cP)
Maximum torque (N-cm)
Maximum capacity (L H2O)
Input/ output power (W)
Dimensions (W x D x H)
105 mm x 160 mm x 185 mm

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