MU-D01 | Digital peristaltic pump with maximum flow rate of 1.14 L/min

Key Features:

  • Digital microprocessor for precise speed control
  • Compact size and handle for portability
  • Compatible with a wide range of sizes of silicon tubing
  • Uses high quality Easy-Load pump heads
  • Operates with one or two peristaltic pump heads
  • Reversible for purging purposes
  • Flow rate ranging from 1.2 mL to 1.14 L/min depending upon tubing diameter


The MU-D01 peristaltic pump from Major Science is ideal for a variety of laboratory applications including filtration, circulation, sampling, chemical spraying, dispensing, transferring, feeding and filling. The easy-to-use pump head design accommodates a wide range of silicon tubing diameters to adjust the range of pump flow rates. Pump direction is reversible for purging purposes. 

The digital microprocessor in the MU-D01 provides highly accurate speed control and the brushless motor reduces noise and increases instrument longevity. The MU-D01 can be used with either one or two pump heads.

Ordering Information for 2nd Pump Head

Part NumberDescription
MU-PU1Easy Load Pump Head for MU-D01


Major Science
Model number
Digital microprocessor
50 W
Pump speed/increment
20 rpm - 300 rpm/ 1 rpm
Maximum pump speed
300 rpm
Variable flow rate
1.2 mL - 1.14 L/min depending upon tubing diameter
99 Hr:59 min:59 sec
Number of rollers
Number of peristaltic pumps
1 or 2
Operating temperature
Ambient to 40ÂșC
Dimensions (W x D x H)
200 mm x 340 mm x 130 mm
Painted iron metal
5.7 Kg
240 V

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