088.M1601.00C | Maelstrom 9610 automated nucleic acid extraction system with 96 sample capacity

Key Features

  • Utilises patented whirl stirring mixing technology which significantly reduces cross-contamination of adjacent wells compared to other mixing technologies
  • Fully automated to avoid human error and to ensure consistent quality
  • Can process up to 96 samples simultaneously
  • Ideal for applications in molecular diagnostics and life sciences
  • Extensive range of compatible magnetic bead-based reagent kits available (please see More Information below for details)
  • CV of nucleic acid extraction concentration is <5%
  • Processing volume of up to 1600 µL
  • Spin tips stir magnetic beads at speeds up to 3000 rpm and magnetic induction of >3900 Gauss
  • Independent temperature control modules ensure stability of purification performance


The Maelstrom™ 9610 is a powerful high throughput nucleic acid extraction system designed to process up to 96 samples simultaneously. The instrument utilises specialised spin tips and rods with a magnetic induction of >3900 Gauss to efficiently mix and collect magnetic beads to extract nucleic acid from an extensive range of sample types.

The Maelstrom™ 9610 features a novel spin methodology rather than the vertical mixing technology used in other extraction systems. This approach significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination between adjacent wells.

The Maelstrom™ 9610 can process samples ranging from 50 µL to 1600 µL and features four independent heating blocks. Simple menu navigation and an intuitive user interface allows for easy end-user parameter selection and fine-tuning.

All phases of the extraction process (mixing, collection, pause and vapour modes) are programmable and up to 35 steps can be compiled into a single program.

More Information

Please click here to download a brochure describing the TANBead Maelstrom™ 9610 fully automated nucleic acid extraction system. A brochure listing our range of compatible pathogen extraction kits and consumables can be downloaded here or please click here to view our range of Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits for the Maelstrom™ 9610 on our website.

 Please click here to view a video of the Maelstrom 9610 in operation.


Taiwan Advance Nanotech Inc. (TANBead)
Model number
Maelstrom™ 9610
Samples per run
Up to 96
Run time
25 - 60 minutes
Processing volume
50 µL to 1600 µL
Magnetic rod
>3900 Gauss
Spin speed
Up to 3000 rpm
Temperature control
4 sets
180 mm touchscreen
UV-C type:  8 W
Heating blocks
Heating temperature range
RT to 130°C
95 Kg
Dimensions (W x D x H)
870 mm x 575 mm x 700 mm
Power requirements
220 VAC: 50 Hz
UV: UV-C type 4W | HEPA: E10 Class
USB type A: USB type B

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