ME26-16-24-32 | Horizontal gel electrophoresis system for up to 672 samples

Key Features

  • Low buffer consumption
  • Injection-moulded tank
  • Three different tray sizes
  • Easy sample loading
  • Multi-channel pipette-compatible
  • Indicators to assist gel making and running
  • No tape, clamps or springs needed


The ME26 Maxi Plus horizontal gel electrophoresis system from Major Science is designed for rapid screening of very large numbers of cloning or PCR samples. It has a  maximum capacity of 672 samples per gel which allows loading from seven 96 well microtiter plates. 

The 320 mm gel run length of the largest tray  allows resolution of samples over a long distance for separation of complex sample bands such as in restriction fragment analysis.  Buffer recirculation ports are included as standard to allow enhanced resolution over extended runs while loading guides enhance well visibility for easy sample loading.

Electrophoresis Power Supplies

If you need an electrophoresis power supply to go with your electrophoresis tank then please click here.

More Information

The ME26 is sold as a complete system for the end-user to cast gels and run electrophoresis. The system includes:

  • 1 x Electrophoresis tank & lid
  • 1 x ME26-UV16 | 260 mm x 160 mm UV tray
  • 1 x ME26-UV24 | 260 mm x 240 mm UV tray
  • 1 x ME26-UV32 | 260 mm x 320 mm UV tray
  • 6 x ME26-28MC-1 | 28 sample combs, 1mm thick
  • 1 x ME26-LG | set of loading guides
  • 1 x Black & red electrophoresis cable


Major Science
Catalog numberME26-16-24-32
Dimensions (W x D x H)500 mm x 280 mm x 90 mm
Gel dimensions (W x D)260 mm x 160 mm | 260 mm x 240 mm | 260 mm x 320 mm
Maximum number of samples336 with 260 mm x 160 mm tray (6 x 56 sample combs) | 504 with 260 mm x 240 mm tray (9 x 56 sample combs) | 672 with 260 mm x 320 mm tray (12 x 56 sample combs)
Buffer volume1400 mL
ElectrodesCassette type: 99.99% corrosion-resistant platinum
SafetyTank lid can only be fastened in one way on tank. Power disconnects from buffer chamber when lid removed.

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