MZ014 | Laboratory centrifuge for microplates and 10, 15 and 50 mL tubes

Key Features

  • Ideal for centrifuging microplates or centrifuge tubes up to 50 mL
  • Maximum speed of 2000 rpm for microplates and 3000 rpm for centrifuge tubes
  • Multiple acceleration and deceleration modes
  • Rotor speed can be set in rpm or rcf
  • Low noise operation
  • Multiple safety features
  • Wide range of rotor options


Biosan's LMC-3000 bench top centrifuge can be used for a wide range of applications in medical, biochemical and industrial laboratories. The low noise motor is encased in a protective metal housing that is easy to clean and decontaminate. 

The LMC-3000 features multiple acceleration (slow, normal, fast) and deceleration (0, slow, normal, fast) modes and the rotor speed can be set in rpm or rcf.  The unit has a maximum speed of 2000 rpm for microplates and 3000 rpm for centrifuge tubes. 

This compact instrument incorporates a number of safety features including metal protective inserts in the casing and lid, automatic imbalance switch-off, and lid lock.

A number of rotors for microplates and different tube sizes are available for the LMC-3000. Rotors are purchased separately from the centrifuge.

Rotor Options

Part NumberDescription
MZ014-MTPSwing-out rotor for standard 96-well microplates, skirted PCR plates, and deep well plates up to 45 mm in height
MZ014-17100Swing out rotor for 12 x 10 mL tubes | Maximum tube dimensions: 17 mm x 100 mm (Ø x length)
MZ014-17120Swing out rotor for 12 x 15 mL tubes | Maximum tube dimensions: 17 mm x 120 mm (Ø x length)
MZ014-29115Swing out rotor for 6 x 50 mL tubes | Maximum tube dimensions: 29 mm x 115 mm (Ø x length)
2 adapters for 96-well semi-skirted and non-skirted PCR plates
2 adapters for 384-well microplates


Model number
Speed range (centrifuge tubes)
100 rpm - 3000 rpm in 100 rpm increments
Maximum rcf (centrifuge tubes)
1610 x g
Speed range (microplates)
100 rpm - 2000 rpm in 100 rpm increments
Maximum rcf (microplates)
560 x g
Timer range
1 to 90 minutes in 1 minute increments
Chamber diameter
335 mm
Instrument dimensions
(W x D x H)
420 mm x 495 mm x 234 mm
11.8 Kg
230 VAC: 50/60 Hz

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