UP-D25MD | SONY UP-D25MD A6 digital colour printer for endoscopy and other medical applications


  • Uses dye sublimation technology for photographic quality image printing
  • Compatible with two types of media (standard and laminated)
  • Colour adjustment capability
  • Hue saturation value colour adjustment
  • Uses readily available thermal paper (please click here for details)


The SONY UP-D25MD is a compact high image quality colour printer that has been developed for a wide range of medical applications and its small footprint allows it to fit onto modern endoscopic trolleys. The UP-D25MD features an LCD display and all functions are easily accessed through front panel controls.

Images created by UP-D25MD are highly durable and long-lasting. Colours on surgical screens are replicated exactly in the printed images which makes it easy for end-users to consistently interpret events in true colour detail.

The UP-D25MD's design allows for quick and easy replacement of consumable media (including ribbon) even in enclosed spaces and SONY's intelligent fixed "ink-to-sheet consumption technology" ensures that you never run out of ink while paper remains in the printer. This printer uses readily available printer paper (please click here for details). 


Printing method
Dye sublimation thermal printing
Compatible A6 filmUPC-21L: UPC-21S
423 dpi
8 bits (256 levels) processing each for yellow, magenta and cyan
Effective print pixels
21L: 2100 x 1600 dots | 21S : 1600 x 1200 dots
Print size
21L: 126 mm x 96 mm | 21S : 96 mm x 72 mm
Printing time
21L: ~29 sec | 21S: ~19 sec
Paper tray capacity
L size: max. 50 sheets | S size: max. 80 sheets
Power requirements
240 VAC 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)
212 mm x 98 mm x 398 mm
5.5 Kg

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