W6031050 | Laboratory incubator with PID temperature control, 50 L capacity (other capacity options available)

Key Features

  • Digital temperature display and control
  • 50 L capacity (please see list of other capacity options below)
  • Advanced PID controller for temperature stability and safety protection
  • Constructed from materials that make the incubator easy to clean and decontaminate
  • Start/stop operation and timer from 0 - 99 hours and 59 minutes
  • Adjustable shelf height
  • Tempered glass inner observation door retains heat in cabinet if outer door opened
  • Outer door with magnetic closing and gasket with excellent sealing characteristics
  • Over-temperature function sounds an alarm if the set safety value is reached and automatically cuts off power and stops incubation process
  • In the event of a power outage the incubator can be set to automatically stop and restart operation once power is restored
  • Alarm sounds if outer door left open for 60 seconds or more during incubation
  • Internal lamp activated when outer door is opened


These constant temperature incubators feature a broad temperature range that makes them suitable for many applications in areas such as microbiology and haematology. They're also available in a range of capacities from 50 L to 1200 L.

The incubator interior is constructed of stainless steel and the unit features an inner glass observation door fabricated from 5 mm thick temperature-resistant safety glass. The outer casing is made of spray-coated steel plate for easy cleaning. The height-adjustable shelves are made of polished stainless steel.

These incubators utilise advanced PID control for temperature stability and safety protection and feature a digital temperature display and touch control. The units can be operated in start/stop mode or by timer with a range from 0 - 99 hours and 59 minutes.

A number of safety features have been incorporated into these incubators including over-temperature alarm and cut-off and an alarm that sounds if the outer door is left open for 60 seconds or more when the unit is in operation. Users have the option that, in the event of a power outage, the incubator can be set to automatically stop or to restart operation once power is restored.

Incubator Options

Part No.Model No.CapacityDimensions (W x D x H: mm)
WH-10100 LInner: 480 x 480 x 495
Outer: 560 x 560 x 760
WH-15150 LInner: 500 x 480 x 620
Outer: 560 x 580 x 880
WH-25260 LInner: 530 x 590 x 900
Outer: 630 x 680 x 1125
400 L
Inner: 600 x 630 x 1100
Outer: 750 x 730 x 1430
W6031650WH-650650 LInner: 700 x 650 x 1430
Outer: 820 x 780 x 1740
W6031850WH-850850 LInner: 700 x 800 x 1530
Outer: 820 x 930 x 1840
W6031122WH-12001200 LInner: 868 x 720 x 1927
Outer: 990 x 855 x 2124


Model number
System control
Digital display and touch control with PID automatic regulation
Temperature range
Ambient temperature plus 5°C to 80°C
Temperature stability
±0.2°C at 37°C
50 L
Exterior dimensions
550 mm x 520 mm x 630 mm (W x D x H)
Interior dimensions
400 mm x 400 mm x 320 mm (W x D x H)
Start/stop setting | 0 - 99 hours and 59 minutes in 1 minute intervals
Heating capacity
Power requirements
220V-240V: 50Hz-60Hz                              
Interior: Stainless steel | Shelves: Polished stainless steel | Inner glass door: 5 mm thick temperature-resistant safety glass | Casing: Spray-coated steel plate
Shelves (included/maximum)

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