400302.01 | Hot plate and magnetic stirrer with aluminium top plate, K-type thermocouple sensor and advanced PID temperature control (WH200)

Key Features

  • Advanced microprocessor-controlled system ensures reliability and temperature stability
  • Easy-to-clean anti-corrosive top plate made of aluminium
  • Bright and clear LED displays temperature and stirring speed
  • Sealed outer shell and isolated critical parts enhance longevity even in harsh operating conditions
  • Drainage system above control board to prevent liquids accessing instrument interior
  • Connection for thermocouple sensor for direct and precise control of the actual temperature (K-type thermocouple sensor included with purchase of instrument)
  • High temperature indicator for operator safety


The WH200 microprocessor-controlled hot plate and stirrer from Wiggens features an easy-to-clean anti-corrosive top plate made of aluminium and a bright, clear LED that displays temperature and stirring speed.

The WH200 has a sealed outer shell and isolated critical parts to enhance longevity even in harsh operating conditions and a drainage system above the control board to prevent liquids accessing the instrument's interior.

The instrument has  a connection for a thermocouple sensor to allow for external temperature control. A high temperature indicator enhances operator safety during operation.

More Information

The following items are included with the purchase of the WH200:

Part Number
Product Description
WH200 magnetic stirrer with aluminium hot plate
600.170.1K type thermocouple sensor:
Length: 170 mm
Diameter: 4 mm
Material: Stainless steel
Operating range: 0 to +500°C
Holder and clamp for K type thermocouple sensor


Model Number
Top plate materialAluminium
Display mode
Maximum hot plate temperature250ºC
Maximum solvent temperature
(thermocouple sensor)
Temperature stability
(thermocouple sensor)
Safety temperature280ºC
Stirring speed range
100 rpm - 1500 rpm
Heating capacity
300 W
Maximum stirring capacity (water)
2 L
PID parameters1 set of PID
Top plate dimensions (W x D)165 mm x 150 mm

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