W3080310 | Ultrasonic cleaning bath (UE10) | stainless steel | 10 litre maximum tank capacity | with drain

Key Features

  • 10 litre maximum tank capacity
  • Ideal for cleaning laboratory, surgical, dental, optical, industrial and jewellery items
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Digital timer (0 - 99 minutes)
  • 40 KHz ultrasonic frequency
  • Handles to allow the bath to be safely moved
  • Wide range of accessories such as lids, baskets and item holders available (please see below)


The 10L UE10 stainless steel ultrasonic cleaning bath is ideal for cleaning laboratory, surgical, dental, optical and industrial items and instruments. The baths are also highly efficient at cleaning jewellery and mechanical and electrical components.

The unit uses powerful transducers that emit a 40 KHz ultrasonic frequency to cause cavitation and the creation of microscopic bubbles that scour any items placed in the bath. The instrument  features a digital timer and is supplied with a tray on which to place items prior to loading into the tank. 

Optional Accessories

The accessories listed below are suitable for use with 10 litre ultrasonic cleaning baths. Please contact Advance Scientific for pricing.

Part NumberDescription
U10010Stainless steel lid
U10210Stainless steel trays
U10110Stainless steel basket
U10410Positioning lids
5660Stabilising ring for Erlenmeyer flasks (Type S: Red) | PVC-covered steel | External diameter: 70 mm : Internal diameter: 27 mm | Weight: 0.3 Kg
5661Stabilising ring for Erlenmeyer flasks (Type M: Yellow) | PVC-covered steel | External diameter: 105 mm : Internal diameter: 52 mm | Weight: 0.5 Kg
5662Stabilising ring for Erlenmeyer flasks (Type L: Blue) | PVC-covered steel | External diameter: 140 mm : Internal diameter: 76 mm | Weight: 1.2 Kg


Model number
Tank capacity (maximum)
10 litres
1 minute to 99 minutes
Stainless steel
Ultrasonic frequency
40 KHz
Working power
250 W
Dimensions (internal: W x D x H)
300 mm x 240 mm x 150 mm
Dimensions (external: W x D x H)
360 mm x 270 mm x 310 mm

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