UP-DR80MD | SONY UP-DR80MD A4 digital colour printer for endoscopy, ultrasound and other medical applications


  • Superb print quality for ultrasound and endoscopy applications
  • Compact design with convenient front operation
  • High-speed printing using dye sublimation technology
  • Two colour look up tables to reproduce suitable colours for different modalities
  • Uses readily available SONY print media (please click here for details)

Product Description

The SONY UP-DR80MD delivers a compelling combination of compact convenience, superior image quality and low total cost of ownership. The UP-DR80MD is the smallest A4 dye sublimation printer on the market today.

The UP-DR80MD offers easy colour adjustment via its printer driver properties. This incorporates a preview image from which you can confirm and adjust images easily. 

Two types of colour look up table are available to reproduce suitable colours for different modalities such as endoscopy and ultrasound. The default "Natural" setting creates a colour based on the s-RGB monitor which is suitable for endoscopy images. For ultrasound images a "CG" colour mode is available that reproduces more vivid colours. 

The UP-DR80MD also features a gray balance adjustment function that allows you to easily select the colour that most closely matches your requirements and provides the most suitable tonal range for your application.


Printing method
Dye sublimation printing
Compatible paperUPC-R80MD
300 dpi
8 bits (256 levels) processing each for yellow, magenta and cyan
Effective print pixels
A4 size UPC-R80MD: 3400 x 2392 dots | Letter size UPC-R81MD: 3192 x 2464 dots
Print area
A4 size: 287 x 202 mm | Letter size: 269 x 208 mm
Printing time
A4 size: Approx. 76 seconds | Letter size: Approx. 72 seconds
Paper tray capacity
50 sheets
Power requirements
240 VAC:50 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)
317 mm x 207 mm x 425 mm
11.5 Kg

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