BS-040110-AA3 | UV air cleaner with two UV lamps for laboratory and clean room decontamination (UVR-Mi)

Key Features

  • No HEPA filters to change
  • LCD display
  • Ozone-free high density UV decontamination
  • Full user protection from direct UV light
  • UV lamp operation indicator and lifetime counter
  • Automatic ON/OFF switch and lamp fault detection
  • Can be operated continuously or under timer control
  • Low noise and energy consumption
  • Two long-lasting UV lamps
  • Compact and light for attachment to laboratory or clean room wall or with an optional mobile stand (please see below)


The UVR-Mi UV air cleaner from Biosan combines laminar air flow and non-direct UV light to eliminate DNA contamination. Air is continuously flowing through the instrument which is equipped with a fan, two UV lamps and a dust filter. Inside the unit the intensity of the UV light is substantially enhanced to completely ensure DNA inactivation. Microbiological contamination is also substantially reduced.

The UVR-Mi is able to process 14 m3 of air per hour and can be operated in continuous mode or under timer control.

The UVR-Mi is recommended for clean rooms and laboratories where a contamination-free area is critical. Ideal for laboratories involved in PCR, DNA and RNA analysis, microbiology, virology and tissue culture.

The UV air cleaner is light enough to be mounted on a laboratory or clean room wall or it can be used with an optional mobile stand (BS-040105-AK).


Model number
UV radiation source
2 x 25 W bactericidal UV lamp: TUV25WG13 UV-C
Radiation typeUV (λ = 253.7 nm), ozone-free
UV radiation level
36 mW/cm2/second
Air processing rate
14 m³ per hour
UV lamp life
~9,000 hours
I minute to 24 hours or continuous
110 mm x 135 mm x 660 mm
3.4 Kg
Power consumption (230 V)
110 W (0.5 A)
Nominal operating voltage
230 V: 50 Hz

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