TS-8W-220 | Eight well thermostirrer with individual magnetic stirrer for each well

Key Features

  • Microprocessor control with digital performance
  • LCD screen & timer
  • Brushless motor for individual well agitation
  • Leak-proof heating chamber
  • Outstanding temperature control performance up to 200oC
  • User temperature calibration
  • Well insulation around casework
  • Over-temperature protection


This advanced thermostirrer from Major Science is equipped with built-in magnetic stirrers on the bottom of each well and features an LCD screen and timer. It combines long-life brush-less motors with highly accurate temperature control and is ideal for a variety of applications including chemical synthesis, denaturation, derivatisation, combinatorial chemistry, sample concentration, enzyme assays and process optimisation.


Major Science
66 mm LCD display
Number of wells
8 (2 x 4)
Motor type
Well dimension(Ø x D)
29.5 mm x  62 mm
Vessel diameter (maximum)
28.5 mm
Stirring speed
500 rpm - 3500 rpm
Temperature control range
5oC above ambient to 200oC
Timer range
0 - 99 hours: 59 minutes or continuous
Block coating
Temperature increments
Temperature uniformity
±0.7oC at 150oC
Temperature accuracy
±0.2oC at 150oC
Temperature calibration
Communication port
Dimensions (W x D x H)
230 mm x 300 mm x  160 mm

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