1710130 | High speed handheld homogeniser with 8,000 rpm - 30,000 rpm speed range (D-130)

Key Features

  • Ideal for mixing, emulsification, shredding or chopping
  • Wide processing range from 0.1 mL - 250 mL depending upon the probe (please see options below)
  • Lightweight for easy hand-held operation
  • Autoclavable stainless steel probe shafts
  • Probes are easily dismantled for cleaning
  • High speed motor with speed range from 8,000 rpm to 30,000 rpm

The D-130 homogeniser is lightweight so it is ideal for hand-held processing of small samples in volumes from 0.1 mL - 250 mL (based on use in water) and depending upon the size of the probe that is used. A speed range from 8000 - 30000 rpm provides sufficient power for a wide range of sample types.

A number of stainless steel probes with different volume capacitities are available for the D-130. These probes are chemically-resistant, autoclavable and can be easily dismantled for cleaning. An optional stand can be purchased for use with the D-130 during lengthy homogenisations.

Optional Accessories

Part NumberItem Description
DS-130/5Probe for D-130 handheld homogeniser | length: 90 mm | Rotor diameter: 5 mm | Processing range: 0.1 mL - 50 mL 
DS-130/7Probe for D-130 handheld homogeniser | length: 160 mm | Rotor diameter: 7 mm | Processing range: 0.3 mL - 50 mL
DS-130/10 Probe for D-130 handheld homogeniser | length: 150 mm | Rotor diameter: 10 mm | Processing range: 1 mL - 250 mL 
DS-130/14 Probe for D-130 handheld homogeniser | length: 170 mm | Rotor diameter: 14 mm | Processing range: 2 mL - 250 mL 
Support Stands 
1710130-01 Support stand for D-130 hand-held homogeniser 


Model number
Speed (with zero load)
8000 - 30000 rpm          
Processing range (with water)
0.1 mL - 250 mL (depends on probe)
Input/output power (W)
Probe material
316L stainless steel

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