MP-510 | Electrophoresis power supply, 5V - 500V output voltage

Key Features

  • Four pairs of outlet terminals
  • Timer with alarm
  • Constant voltage/current/power modes
  • Programmable
  • TFT LCD colour display


The MP-510 electrophoresis power supply from Major Science is ideal for horizontal and vertical electrophoresis as well as two dimensional SDS-PAGE electrophoresis. The instrument features a 60 mm TFT LCD colour display that shows all set and operating parameters while running. 

The MP-510 has four pairs of outlet terminals and a timer with alarm as well as constant voltage/current/power modes. The unit can be run in continuous or timed modes and the end-user is able to pause and resume a run at anytime without resetting the timer.

The MP-510 can operate in fully programmable mode with up to six steps (V, mA, W, time) and a number of programmes incorporating typical running conditions have been pre-programmed into the instrument. The MP-510 has been designed with numerous safety features to ensure the safety of lab personnel.

More Information

Please click here for details on our extensive range of compatible systems for blotting and for nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis.


Major Science
60 mm TFT LCD colour display
Output voltage/ increment
5V - 500V/ 1V
Output current/ increment
1mA - 800mA/ 1mA
Output power/ increment
Output type
Constant voltage/ current/ power
Constant mode: 9999 minutes with alarm/ continuous
Programmable mode: 999 minutes with alarm/ continuous
Rated voltage
100V - 240V
Pre-setting: up to 6 steps (V, mA, W, time) | 30 programmed files

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