Online Shopping Tips

Finding the product you need

If you're looking for a specific part, and know the item number, the easiest way to find it is to use the Search Products function in the left hand panel. This function works equally well with word searches although it will bring up more options.

Selecting your products

Selecting the items you need is just like going to your local supermarket. Once you've located a product you want to buy then simply put in the quantity (if it's more than one) and then click on "Add to Cart" to put that item in your shopping cart. You can view the contents of your shopping cart at any time by clicking on the "view cart" link in the top right hand corner of each page. The cost of your shopping cart items is displayed next to the "view cart" link. While in the "view cart" window you can delete an individual item if you've added it by mistake or you can "clear" your shopping cart of items completely. if you're satisfied that you have all of the right items you can check out and move onto the payment stage


The checkout process lets you check and confirm your order, give us one (or an alternative) delivery address and phone number and then pay using your card. We have minimized the required information to make this step as quick and easy as possible. It's always a good idea to have your credit card and any other details at hand before moving on to this step. All you need to do is to fill in all of the required fields and press "submit" once you are sure that all of the information that you are providing is correct. You will receive a confirmation that payment for your order has been accepted along with an itemized list of your order and its total price.