W8001610 | Benchtop pH, mV and temperature meter (pH610)

Key Features

  • Large LCD with simultaneous display of pH and temperature 
  • Measures pH, mV and temperature
  • Auto-lock and auto-end point reading
  • Multi-point calibration with NIST, ISO or custom standard
  • Data memory with real-time clock and date
  • PC link with RS232 software kit


The Wiggens pH610 is a highly accurate and full-featured bench top meter that can measure pH, mV and temperature and a large LCD that can simultaneously display pH and temperature.

The pH610 features an Auto Lock Measurement function that can sense when a stable endpoint is reached and then locks that measurement to ensure accuracy and consistency. Accuracy is also assured through multi-point calibration that allows the pH610 to be calibrated at up to five different points.

The pH610 is able to save up to 99 data points simultaneously with date and time. This data can be downloaded by USB cable to a PC and viewed with the software supplied with the system.

Purchasing Information

The following items are included in the purchase of the pH610:

  • Bench top pH meter (pH610)
  • Combination pH electrode with built-in temperature sensor (PP5010)
  • Electrode stand
  • AC/DC adapter
  • RS232 PC communication kit
  • Operating manual

Optional Accessories

Part NumberItem Description
PO5106Plastic body combination platinum ring ORP electrode
PT3001Stainless steel temperature probe
SP0401N-CALpH 4.01 standard pH buffer solution, 90 mL
SP0701N-CALpH 7.00 standard pH buffer solution, 90 mL
SP1001N-CALpH 10.01 standard pH buffer solution, 90 mL


Model number
Measuring range
pH: 0 to 14 pH
mV: ±1999 mV
Temperature: 0 to 90ºC
pH: 0.01 pH
mV: 0.1 mV (-200 mV to +200 mV) / 1 mV full scale
Temperature: 0.1ºC
pH: ±0.02 pH
mV: ±0.2 mV (-200 mV to +200 mV)/ ±2 mV full scale
Temperature: ±0.5ºC
Up to a  maximum of five points (1 point per range)
ISO: pH 7.00, 4.01, 10.01
NIST: pH 6.68, 4.01, 9.18
Offset recognition
±60 mV at pH 7
Temperature compensation
0 to 80°C
75% to 115%
Power supply
AC/DC adapter | input: 110-230 VAC | output:  12 VDC

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