WTM103 | Heating mantle and temperature controller for 250 mL spherical flasks

Key Features

Heating mantle

  • Rigid housing provides strength and durability while supporting the weight of the flask and contents
  • Mantle only covers bottom half of flask so contents are clearly visible
  • Fabric interiors safely nestle glass flasks and reduce the chance of thermal shock
  • Feet on smaller sizes of mantles designed to provide stability and reduce heat transfer to bench or other surface
  • Larger units have multiple circuits for enhanced heating capability
  • Splash guards and safety shields available

PL524 Pro temperature controller

  • Controls mantle operating temperature up to 450℃
  • LED touch screen displaying actual and set temperatures
  • Adjustable safety temperature range with separate LED control panel
  • RS232 interface
  • Alarm signal


Heating mantle

This Wiggens heating mantle has been designed to hold and heat 250 mL spherical flasks. The rigid housing of the mantle provides strength and durability to safely support the weight of the flask and contents. The mantle operates at temperatures up to 450℃ which makes it suitable for most applications.

The heating mantle only covers the lower portion of the spherical flask so that the contents can be viewed and the mantle has a fabric interior to safely nestle flasks and reduce the chance of thermal shock. Smaller units have feet for stability and to reduce temperature transfer to a bench or other surfaces and larger units have multiple circuits for enhanced heating capability. 

PL524 Pro temperature controller

The PL524 Pro is a high precision controller that uses an advanced PID algorithm to minimise variability and overshoot of the heating mantle temperature. The unit also includes a self-adjustment function to monitor product temperature with feedback being provided to the controller through a PT100 sensor or a K-type thermocouple.

The PL524 Pro also features an adjustable safety temperature range that can be set through a separate control panel. 

More Information

The flask shown in the image is not included with the purchase of the heating mantle and controller.



Heating mantle
Flask capacity250 mL
Maximum flask diameter83 mm
Mantle depth41 mm
External diameter159 mm
Height121 mm
Power180 W
Weight1.1 Kg

Temperature controller
Controller model numberPL524 Pro
Adjustable temperature rangeAmbient to 550ºC
Adjustable safety temperature rangeUp to 500ºC with 1ºC resolution
Temperature controlAutomatic PID algorithm control 
Measurement and control sensor (standard)PT100: four lead method
Measurement and control sensor (optional)K-type thermocouple
Display accuracy±0.1%
Temperature stability±0.03% or better
Ambient temperature operating range (controller)-10ºC to +35ºC
Humidity operating range≤90%
Power supply100 VAC to 240 VAC
Power consumption≤4.5 W
Maximum current10 A
Weight2.5 Kg

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