169520 | Chemically-resistant diaphragm vacuum pump | maximum vacuum 8 mbar | maximum flow rate 50 L/min (C520)

Key Features

  • All contact material constructed of PTFE
  • Advanced diaphragm construction for increased durability
  • Highly resistant to acid gases
  • Maximum vacuum down to 8 mbar
  • Flow rate of up to 50 L/min
  • Low noise
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures
  • Tightly sealed casing to protect internal components
  • Overheating protection
  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance
  • Wide range of accessories available


The C520 is a lightweight and mobile diaphragm pump from Wiggens that is resistant to high and low temperatures and acid gases. All contact materials of this well-sealed unit are constructed of PTFE and the instrument features overheating protection to prevent damage to the pump. The pump can achieve flow rates of up to 50 L/min and a maximum vacuum down to 8 mbar.

A wide range of accessories including tubing and connectors are available. Please contact Advance Scientific for details.

Ordering Information

Included with the purchase of the C520 is a chemically-resistant regulator that includes a vacuum regulator, a vacuum gauge, a filter cartridge and a filter (Part Number 169311-06).


Model number
Pump head
Double stage
Maximum vacuum (mbar)
Maximum flow rate (L/min)
Outlet (mm)
Motor speed (rpm)
Dimensions (mm)
380  x 156 x 226
Weight (Kg)
Electrical requirements220 V: 50 Hz
Noise level (dB)
Maximum power (W)245
Maximum current (A)1.1

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