W1080235 | Portable aspirator pump with dual suction bottles for waste liquid removal, maximum flow rate 35 L/min (BioVac 235)

Key Features

  • Ideal for a wide range of industrial or laboratory waste liquid removal applications
  • Vacuum generation by a twin diaphragm low noise piston pump that is wear-resistant, non-polluting and maintenance-free
  • Maximum vacuum of 100 mbar and maximum flow rate of 35 L/min 
  • Double overflow protection
  • ABS and aluminium construction
  • Autoclavable suction bottles and disc filter


The BioVac 235 portable aspirator pump from Wiggens is ideal for a wide range of waste liquid removal applications in both industrial and laboratory environments. A maximum vacuum of 100 mbar is created by a twin diaphragm low noise piston pump that is wear-resistant, non-polluting and maintenance-free that can generate flow rates up to 35 L/min.

The BioVac 235 is double-protected by a built-in float switch and a 0.2 μm PTFE hydrophobic disc ­filter located between the suction bottles and the pump that prevents fluids and solid contaminants from entering the pump.

The aspirator pump is constructed of ABS and aluminium alloy for easy cleaning and the suction bottles and disc filter are autoclavable.

Purchasing Information

The BioVac 235 is supplied with 2 x 1000 mL suction bottles and a single branch suction head.


BioVac 235
Vacuum creation method
Piston pump
25 W
Maximum vacuum
100 mbar
Maximum flow rate
35 L/min
6.9 Kg
270 mm x 300 mm x 280 mm
Suction bottle
2 x 1000 mL

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