MV-30DSYS | Vertical gel electrophoresis system for up to four gels

Key Features

  • Ideal for second dimension electrophoresis
  • Compatible with 240 mm IPG strips 
  • Rapid set-up cool packs enhance resolution particularly during extended runs


The Maxi Plus Vertical Electrophoresis System (MV-30DSYS) from Major Science is a large format vertical unit developed for running large quantities of samples at once. It is also designed as a convenient, large format vertical unit for second-dimension PAGE following first-dimension isoelectric focusing using the MIEF system.

Ordering Information

Part NumberProduct Description
MV-30DSYSMaxi Plus Vertical Electrophoresis System with base unit
Comb 1 Prep, 1 Marker, 1 mm thick, 2250 uL sample volume
Comb 2 samples, 1 mm thick, 1125 uL sample volume
Comb 4 samples, 1 mm thick, 550 uL sample volume
Comb 28 samples, 1 mm thick, MC compatible, 80 uL sample volume
Comb 56 samples, 1 mm thick, MC compatible, 40 uL sample volume
Comb 75 samples, 1 mm thick, 25 uL sample volume
Comb 1 Prep, 1 Marker, 1.5 mm thick, 3375 uL sample volume
Comb 2 samples, 1.5 mm thick, 1680 uL sample volume
Comb 4 samples, 1.5 mm thick, 825 uL sample volume
Comb 28 samples, 1.5 mm thick, MC compatible, 120 uL sample volume
Comb 56 samples, 1.5 mm thick, MC compatible, 60 uL sample volume
Comb 75 samples, 1.5 mm thick, 37 uL sample volume


Major Science
Catalog numberMV-30DSYS
Dimensions (W x D x H)360 mm x 180 mm x 330 mm
Plate dimensions (W x D)
300 mm x 220 mm
Gel dimensions (W x D)280 mm x 200 mm
Maximum number of samples300 samples per run, 75 samples per gel
Buffer volume1800 mL - 8400 mL
Comb options

Number of teeth
1, 2, 4, 28 MC, 56 MC, 75
0.75 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm

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