UVIsave Q9 | UVIsave Q9 gel imaging system with 3 megapixel scientific grade camera and HD touchscreen control

Key Features:

  • 3 megapixel scientific grade camera with 16-bit sensor
  • 65,535 gray scales provides a wide dynamic range for accurate gel analysis
  • Camera-equipped hood can be positioned on any standard transilluminator 
  • Intuitive system interface with 31cm HD touchscreen for ease of image acquisition
  • License-free UVITEC 1D image and acquisition software provided for unlimited users and computer installations


The new UVIsave Q9 gel imaging system from UVITEC features a 3 megapixel scientific grade camera mounted on a light-tight hood. Image acquisition is controlled through a 31 cm HD interface which is connected to the camera by a USB cable. 

Post-acquisition annotation and analysis of captured images is handled by the license-free UVITEC-1D software that is included with the UVIsave Q9 and which can be installed on as many computers as required. TIFF images of gels can be transferred from the HD interface to a USB memory stick for transfer to an external computer for analysis.

The UVIsave Q9 system includes a light-tight hood, camera, HD touchscreen interface and image acquisition and analysis software. It also includes a 590 nm filter mounted in the hood that is ideal for imaging Ethidium Bromide and other fluorophores that emit at a similar wavelength. Filters can be easily accessed and interchanged by the end-user.

UVIsave Q9 systems can be configured with or without a transilluminator and we have an extensive range available.


Model number
UVIsave Q9
Camera3 megapixel scientific grade camera with 16-bit sensor and 65,535 grey scales for wide dynamic range
Camera controlExternal interface with 31 cm HD touchscreen connected to camera by USB cable
Hood materialAcrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS)
Filter590nm (other optional filters available)
Post acquisition and analysisLicense-free UVITEC-1D software
Power220 V / 50 Hz
Hood dimensions (with camera)
280 mm x 240 mm x 570 mm (W x D x H)
External controller dimensions400 mm x 290 mm x 155 mm (W x D x H) 
Weight (hood and camera)
3.8 Kg

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