UVIDoc HD6 Touch | UVIDoc HD6 Touch stand-alone gel imaging system with touch screen for UV, blue light and visible light applications

Key Features

  • Compact stand-alone gel imaging system with darkroom, epi white light, integrated computer with 31 cm touch screen, imaging controls and memory for UV, blue light and visible light applications
  • Voice control option for "no touch" image acquisition
  • Utilizes a highly sensitive 6 megapixel scientific grade camera with f/1.2 lens aperture and 6x zoom lens
  • Electronically variable shutter speed and USB high speed camera connection
  • 16 bit pixel depth, 65536 greyscales and 4.0 OD dynamic range
  • Fully automated control of lens (focus and zoom) and darkroom lighting systems
  • 3 position filter wheel to hold a wide range of standard and custom filters. Supplied with filter optimised for Ethidium bromide.
  • epi LED white light illumination for sample preview and marker addition
  • Saturation monitoring of live images ensures full post-acquisition quantifiability
  • Interchangeable transilluminators (please see options below)
  • Roll-out mechanism allows easy access for sample positioning on 312 nm UV transilluminator included with system (please see other illumination options below)
  • UV timer and security switch. UV intensity variation control (70 - 100%) and override button for band cutting.
  • Robust steel and stainless steel darkroom with epoxy paint coating for chemical resistance
  • Up to 8 USB ports for USB flash drives and  peripherals such as a USB printer, mouse or keyboard.
  • Save images to a USB drive or transfer through a network LAN
  • An unlimited free license (with free upgrades) for the UVI 1D image acquisition and analysis software is included with the imager
  • Two year full manufacturer's warranty


The UVIDoc HD6 from UVITEC is a superbly designed documentation system featuring a unique combination of simplicity, versatility, speed and robustness. It operates as a stand-alone unit with integrated computer and touchscreen for producing high quality megapixel images that can be easily saved on a USB drive or transferred to an external computer linked to your laboratory network.

The scientific grade camera of the UVIDoc HD6 from UVITEC features 16-bit pixel depth, 6 megapixel resolution and a high signal-to-noise ratio in order to capture optimised images for both quantification and publication. The transilluminator in the UVIDoc HD6 is fully enclosed within the darkroom but can be easily pulled out on a movable rack to allow visual positioning or examination of the gel. 

The built-in computer with 31 cm touch screen displays a highly intuitive interface for image acquisition and post-acquisition processing and saturation monitoring of the live image ensures that fully quantifiable images are always captured.

The UVIDoc HD6 is supplied with an unlimited free license (with free upgrades) for the UVI 1D image acquisition and analysis software. This software provides a comprehensive set of image acquisition, enhancement, annotation and analysis tools that includes molecular weight and volume calculation, distance calculation (RF, IEF) and colony counting.


Model number
UVIDoc HD6 Touch
Resolution6 megapixels
Opticsf/1.2 lens aperture. Fully automated control of focus and zoom (6x)
Pixel depth16 bit
Touch screen310 mm with 16/9 HD display and 1280 x 800 resolution
Sample viewing area210 mm x 260 mm
Dynamic range4.0 OD
Intensity range65535 grey scales
Filter wheel3 positions (F-590 emission filter included)
USB PortsUp to 8
Dimensions (W x D x H)380 mm x 475  mm x 785 mm
Weight33 Kg (with transilluminator)

System configuration

The following items are included with the purchase of the UVIDoc HD6:

  • HD6 darkroom with 3 position filter wheel
  • 6 megapixel scientific grade camera
  • Integrated computer with 31 cm touch screen
  • UV transilluminator
  • Epi white light
  • Unlimited free license for the UVIDoc-1D and UVITec-1D image acquisition and analysis software with free upgrades
  • Emission filter (F-590) for use with Ethidium bromide and other fluorophores that emit in the 590 nm range


The following options are available for the UVIDoc HD6:

UV Transilluminators*
Single wavelength 
 2431 2001 120 cm x 20 cm, 254 nm, 8W, 6 bulbs
 2431 2002 120 cm x 20 cm, 312 nm, 8W, 6 bulbs
 2431 2003 120 cm x 20 cm, 365 nm, 8W, 6 bulbs
 2431 2601 121 cm x 26 cm, 254 nm, 8W, 6 bulbs
 2431 2602 121 cm x 26 cm, 312 nm, 8W, 6 bulbs
Dual wavelength*
 2461 2006 120 cm x 20 cm, 312 nm/365 nm, 8W, 6 bulbs
Blue Light Transilluminators (LED)
 2431 2007 120 cm x 20 cm
White light Transilluminators (LED)
2801 2019 120 cm x 20 cm
Conversion screens
 9120 2002 1UV to white light conversion screen
 9120 2003 1UV to blue light conversion screen
 UVIbandAdvanced image analysis software

*Other sizes and dual wavelength transilluminators also available. Darkroom can also be used with UVITEC UVIPure transilluminators.

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