6411 1081 1 | UVILink ultraviolet crosslinker, short wave, 254 nm

Key Features

  • Programmable microprocessor control
  • Stainless steel irradiation chamber
  • UV energy monitored automatically
  • UV-blocked observation window and safety interlock
  • Membrane keypad operation and clear LED display
  • Can be used at other wavelengths by changing UV bulbs to a different emission frequency


The UVIlink CL-508 crosslinker from UVITEC is a fully microprocessor-controlled irradiation system that emits UV at 254 nm and has been specifically designed to give the best possible results when binding nucleic acids to membranes. The optimum ultraviolet level can be set using the membrane switch keypad in either energy units (Joules) or time (seconds). There are nine possible pre-sets for energy exposure and nine pre-sets for time exposure as well as manual user selection.

The CL-508 is a compact unit with a safety interlock on the access door to prevent the door from being opened during operation. The door also contains an observation window that is UV-blocked for operator protection. The ultraviolet energy generated by the unit is continuously monitored by a photo-feedback system which compensates for variation in output from the UV sources. In this way consistency of operation and maximum efficiency are maintained.

Optional sets of UV tubes emitting at 312 nm and 365 nm are also available. Please contact Advance Scientific for details and pricing.

UV source 5 x 8 W bulbs emitting at 254 nm
Time exposure (max.)999.9 minutes
Energy exposure (max.)99.99 Joules
Measurement ranges0 - 9.999 Joules and 0 - 99.99 Joules
ControlPre-set or manual controls for both energy and time exposure. Nine presets for both energy and time exposure.
Dimensions (internal)260 mm x 330 mm x 145 mm (W x D x H)
Dimensions (external)350 mm x 360 mm x 305 mm (W x D x H)

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