L079-DW | Thermo shaker for deep well plates

Key Features

  • The L079-DW can be used as an incubator, plate shaker or thermo shaker
  • Ideal for use under general laboratory conditions as well as in cold rooms and incubators 
  • Heat transfer to samples from plate platform and heated lid guarantees excellent temperature stability and low evaporation
  • LCD displays both set and actual temperature along with shaking speed and shaking time


The Biosan L079-DW thermo shaker has been designed to shake, heat or shake and heat deep well plates so that it can operate as an incubator, a plate shaker or a thermo shaker. The shaking speed can be varied between 250 rpm and 1,200 rpm with a shaking orbit of 2 mm and a heating range of +25ºC to +100ºC adjustable in 0.1ºC increments.

The L079-DW transfers heat to samples from both the platform and the heated lid. This heating from both sides guarantees excellent temperature stability and low evaporation. The L079-DW also features an LCD display and a 96 hour timer.

Block Options                                

Part Number
L079-DW-B-2EBlock for Eppendorf 100 uL deep well plates
L079-DW-B-2S Block for Sarstedt Megablock 2200 uL deep well plates


Speed range
250 rpm - 1400 rpm | adjustable in 10 rpm increments
Shaking orbit 
2 mm 
Timer range 
1 min to 96 hours | adjustable in 1 min increments 
Temperature range
+25ºC to +100ºC | adjustable in 0.1ºC increments
Operating range
Ambient temperature from +4ºC to +40ºC in a non-condensing atmosphere and maximum relative humidity of 80% up to 31ºC decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 40ºC
Average heating speed
(+25ºC to +100ºC)
Temperature stability (at +37ºC) 
LCD: 16 x 2 symbols 
240 mm x 260 mm x 160 mm 
5 Kg 
Power (external power supply) 
100-240 VAC: 50-60Hz | 12 VDC output 

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