L009 | Test tube rotator with interchangeable sample holders

Key Features

  • Mixes tubes with diameters from 4 mm - 40 mm
  • Range of interchangeable discs (please see below)
  • Two or three discs can be run simultaneously
  • Variable rotation angle
  • Variable speed control


The L009 Test Tube Rotator from Kisker Biotech has been designed to provide high capacity mixing capability for tubes from 4 mm to 40 mm in diameter. A range of interchangeable discs can be used on the same instrument and an adapter is available that allows two or three discs to be run simultaneously.  The unit also offers stepper motor control of speed and variable timing and rotation angle. Features such as “Memory” and “Restart” enhance the operation of this instrument.

Optional Accessories

L009-AAdapter to increase disc plate capacity 
L009-4 Disc for 40 tubes, 4-9 mm diameter 
L009-6 Disc for 30 tubes, 6-9 mm diameter 
L009-9 Disc for 20 tubes, 9-12 mm diameter 
L009-12 Disc for 20 tubes, 12-16 mm diameter 
Disc for 20 tubes, 16-19 mm diameter 
L009-19 Disc for 18 tubes, 19-22 mm diameter 
L009-22 Disc for 15 tubes, 22-25 mm diameter 
Disc for 12 tubes, 25-28 mm diameter 
L009-28 Disc for 10 tubes, 28-32 mm diameter 
L009-32 Disc for 10 tubes, 32-40 mm diameter 


Variable from 5 to 50 rpm
Rotation angle
Variable from 27° - 90°
0 - 99 hours, 1 - 59 mins
3.5 Kg
20 x 20 x 25 cm (W x D x H)
220 V: 60 Hz

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