7018002 | TAS thermal cycler diagnostic and validation system with 16 variable position temperature probes

Key Features

  • Real-time acquisition and display of temperature data from the wells of 96- and  384-well thermal blocks
  • Can be used with up to 96 highly sensitive thermistor-style temperature probes
  • Provides critical data on thermal block accuracy and temperature uniformity, gradient operation, ramp rates, and performance at set temperatures
  • Probes are calibrated to UK National Standards


The TAS thermal cycler validation systems provide powerful diagnostic tools that enable a user to analyse key aspects of their thermal cycler's heating/cooling performance. Temperature profiles are collected and displayed by the TAS data acquisition and analysis software simultaneously and in real-time from the highly sensitive temperature probes located in the probe plate. 

These recordings provide information on thermal block accuracy and temperature uniformity, gradient operation, ramp rates, and performance at set temperatures as the thermal cycler performs a standard or gradient protocol. 

TAS systems are also ideal for developing new or optimizing existing protocols to ensure the most efficient amplification of scarce samples and use of expensive reagents.

TAS variable probe systems can be purchased with 8, 16 or 48 precision temperature probes and can be used to analyse the temperature performance of 96- or 384-well block thermal cyclers. The variable probe format allows probes to be placed in any of the 96 positions in the probe plate so that temperature measurements can be made from all 96 wells in a thermal block. Additional or replacement probes can be purchased separately from Advance Scientific.

This TAS system includes a controller, a variable probe plate with 16 temperature probes (variable plate with 8 probes shown), a reference probe, a probe case, weight, bellows, acquisition and analysis software, cables, and a sturdy metal carrying case.


More Information

If you would like to look at an example of a Performance Certificate generated by the TAS thermal cycler validation system then please click here.

Replacement Parts for TAS Thermal Cycler Validation Systems

The following replacement parts are available for the TAS systems:

Part Number
Variable probe plate, 96 wells
Weight, 3 Kg
Ribbon cable
USB cable
Rubber bellows
Metal carrying case
Rechargeable battery for controller
Temperature Probes

Standard temperature probe
Temperature probe on 0.75m lead
Reference probe


System compatibility96- and 384-well thermal cyclers
Measurement range0°C to 100°C
CapacityUp to 96 thermistor-style temperature probes
Probe identification/positionAutomatic
Temperature probe response time<200 ms
Temperature probe identityStored with each probe
Calibration standardUK National Standards
Compatible operating systemsWindows 2000, XP, 7, 10 and 11

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