100 354 | Ultrasonic cleaning bath, stainless steel, 12.75 L maximum tank capacity, with heating and drain


The SW 12H ultrasonic cleaning bath from Sonoswiss is made of the highest quality stainless steel and utilizes powerful piezo transducer systems and microprocessor-controlled generators to provide the ultimate in ultrasound cleaning capability.

Applications for the SW 12H include the cleaning of instruments in medical and dental offices, the cleaning of jewelry and watch parts and the removal of chemical residues, coking and soot from precision parts. This bath is also ideal for the degassing of solutions prior to use in HPLC applications.

The units feature two novel functions that optimize the cleaning process. The first function is called Sweep. The Sweep function creates an even sound distribution to ensure that items are reliably cleaned no matter where they are placed in the bath. The second novel function is called Boost. Boost allows the ultrasound signal to be increased by up to 20% to ensure the removal of stubborn residues.

Optional Accessories

Part NumberDescription
100 402Stainless steel basket for SW 12H ultrasonic cleaning bath, 240 mm x 181 mm x 120 mm, 7 Kg loading capacity
100 004Plastic cover for SW 12H ultrasonic cleaning bath*

*The lid shown in the image above is sold separately.


Tank dimensions (internal)
297 mm x 238 mm x 200 mm (W x D x H)
Tank dimensions (external)
380 mm x 272 mm x 323 mm (W x D x H)
Maximum tank volume
12.75 L
Housing material
Stainless steel
Tank material
Stainless steel
Tank thickness
0.8 mm
Ultrasonic frequency
37 KHz
No. of transducers
Timer (minutes)
1 - 30 and continuous
Power consumption (total)
1000 W
Ultrasonic power (effective)
200 W
Ultrasonic peak (max)
800 W
220 - 240 VAC          
Yes: 800 W
Temperature range
30ºC - 80ºC in 5ºC steps
Ultrasonic intensity (W/cm²)
7.5 Kg            
2 years

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