UP-DF750 | SONY UP-DF750 high resolution multi-format diagnostic DICOM film imager

Key Features

  • Compact design with vertical installation option
  • Compatible with a range of high quality blue thermal film sizes (please click here for details) for various radiology modalities including mammography, MRI, CT, digital radiography and computed radiography. 
  • Two trays fit all compatible blue thermal film sizes
  • Multiple design and cleaning processes prevent contact between dust and other particles and the printing head and film
  • Large 3.8-inch LCD display
  • Superior image reproduction
  • Dust-resistant mechanism
  • Large effective print area and edge-to-edge-like printing
  • Rapid warm-up time (2 minutes)


The SONY UP-DF750 high resolution multi-format diagnostic DICOM film imager features a workflow-friendly, space-saving design and small footprint that provides a vertical installation option if needed. This is a key operational advantage when compared to large centralised film imagers. 

Superior diagnostic image clarity and accuracy are key features of the UP-DF750 and are created by combining proven SONY thermal printing technology with a newly -developed thermal printing head and an improved Picture Quality Control (PQC) feature. This combination reproduces high resolution images at 604 dots per inch, 14 bit greyscale and a maximum optical density of 3.8+ which makes this printer particularly suitable for mammography imaging. 

The UP-DF750 is compatible with multiple blue thermal film sizes (please click here for details) which makes it ideal for a range of  other imaging modalities such as MRI, CT, digital radiography and computed radiography.

The UP-DF750 features a front-mounted control panel and large 3.8" LCD display that provides critical information to the end-user. A simple menu setting allows the LCD display to be rotated so that it can be easily read if the printer is installed vertically.

A unique print-feed mechanism firmly holds each sheet of film between multiple belts during the printing process. This mechanism ensures that even if the unit is installed vertically the printing process remains stable and each sheet is fed with precision.

The UP-DF750 is equipped with a DICOM 3.0 interface that enables it to be connected to a hospital imaging network in accordance with worldwide medical imaging communications standards. All network settings can be set easily via the front panel. 

The UP-DF750 has been designed so that the electronics and mechanical compartments are completely separated from the printing compartment so that film is completely protected from dust particles and other foreign matter drawn in through cooling fans. The area of contact between the thermal head and film is also totally isolated from air flows. To further prevent foreign matter from damaging prints the film remains inside the printer until the printing process is completed. Additional cleaning rollers as well as dust cleaning rollers clean the surface of the film before printing.


Printing system
Direct thermal printing
604 dpi
16384 level processing (14 bits)
Print size
346.7 x 415.3 using UPT-517BL
Picture elements (W x H)
 8,256 x 9,888 dots using UPT-517BL
Approx. 75 prints per hour for 14 x 17 inch film | Approx 90 prints per hour for 8 x 10 inch film
Film supply
2 trays
Tray capacity
125 sheets
Power requirements
240 VAC:50 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)
600 mm x 316 mm x 686 mm
67 Kg

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