UP-971AD | SONY UP-971AD A4 analogue and digital printer for black and white thermal paper

Key Features

  • High quality image output using direct thermal printing
  • Dual modes of operation with both digital and analogue signal input options
  • Compact design allows for easy integration into busy clinical environment
  • High speed printing of A4 image in approximately 8 seconds in standard mode
  • Uses readily available print media (please click here for details)
  • Multi-picture modes and panoramic printing
  • Visual print quality control
  • Quick instruction guides for different print options can be selected via the front control panel


The SONY UP-971AD is a compact black and white printer designed for use with both analogue and digital radiology imaging systems such as mobile C-arm, ultrasound, cardiac catheterisation and other compatible medical imaging equipment. This advanced printer provides high-quality hard copies of still images that can then be used as reference prints for patient record purposes or referrals. 

The UP-971AD offers a number of printing options including multi-picture mode that allows multiple images to be printed on a single A4 sheet. The instrument also features panoramic printing capability in order to produce extra-wide images.

The UP-971AD prints directly onto A4 width roll format high quality black and white thermal paper as well as transparent blue thermal film (please click here for details).


Printing Method
Direct thermal printing
Compatible thermal paperUPP-210SE: UPP-210HD: UPT-210BL
325 dpi
8 bits (256 levels) processing
Paper Size
Paper width of 210 mm
Printing Time
Approx. 8 seconds/image (in standard mode)
Picture Memory
Digital: 2816 x 7680 x 8 bits | Video: 6 frames (720 x 608 x 8 bits for one frame)
Power Requirements
240 VAC: 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D)
316 x 132.5 x 265 mm
7 Kg

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