SP002 | SonoPlot Proto picoliter microplotter

Key Features

  • Non-contact deposition
  • Automated surface calibration
  • Feature sizes from 30 μm - 200 um
  • Solutions with viscosities up to 450 cP can be printed
  • Print true contiguous lines, arcs and bends
  • Microfeature printing
  • Consistent spot size and shape with coefficients of variability as low as 10%
  • 3-axis positioning with 20 μm resolution
  • Integrated digital video capture
  • SonoGuide software for full automation and control


The SonoPlot Microplotter Proto is a bench top picoliter fluid dispensing system for the life science, polymer, electronics, nanotechnology and nanofabrication markets with significant advantages over existing products in deposited feature size and type, regularity of volumes dispensed, and flexibility for the end-user. Key applications include:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Macro-electronics printing
  • MEMS printing
  • Protein microarrays
  • MALDI-ToF spotting
  • Patterning of live cells

The core of the Proto is a dispenser that uses controlled ultrasonics to deposit fluids in a non-contact manner. This patented technology can produce picoliter droplets that form features on a surface as small as 30 μm wide. When combined with automatic surface height calibration, coefficients of variability for deposited feature diameters as small as 10% can be achieved.

A wide range of fluids can be used with the Proto. This includes aqueous solutions and many organic solvent-based mixtures. Fluids that other dispensers struggle with, such as saturated solutions for MALDI-ToF matrices, or fluids with viscosities up to 450 cP, can be deposited with ease. The ultrasonic pumping action is also an efficient cleaning mechanism for quickly depositing many solutions sequentially.

The ultrasonic dispensing heads of the Proto are attached to a digital video camera so that the complete printing process can be captured. Attached to the dispensing heads are microcapillaries of different tip sizes from which solutions with even high viscosities can be ejected in a continuous fashion onto a substrate. Pre-pulled microcapillaries are readily available and replacement of microcapillaries on the dispensing head is a straightforward process.

In addition to spots the Microplotter Proto can draw true continuous features such as lines, arcs and bends. These are uniform elements that are not formed from overlapping droplet methodologies used by other systems.


Feature size            
30 µm - 200 µm            
Feature types            
Droplets and continuous lines            
Deposition volume            
≥1.8 pL            
Deposition variability            
As low as 10%            
≤450 cP            
Positioning range
31 cm x 31 cm  x 7 cm
20 µm 
Automatic surface height calibration            
Digital video capture and recording            
iMac included            
SonoGuide control and SonoDraw CAD tools included
58.4 cm x 59.7 cm x 61 cm            
220-240 V

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