SN-01Rp | Qlicksmart SnapIT multi-use safety ampoule opener, personal version, regular size, purple

Key Features

  • SnapIT system offers a safer way to open glass ampoules
  • Minimizes the risk of sharps injuries and infections caused by opening ampoules by hand
  • Reduces the costs and down-time associated with ampoule injuries to personnel and from the wastage of expensive medication
  • Opens 1 mL - 15 mL ampoules
  • Hexagonal anti-roll collar
  • Retains the ampoule lid until you are ready to eject it into a sharps container
  • Robust plastic casing that is easy to clean
  • Lightweight for adding to a lanyard
  • Complies with WPHS standards


Ampoule sharps injuries are painful, distressing, susceptible to blood borne pathogens such as HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C, and deep cuts can even require suture, microsurgery and extensive rehabilitation. The SnapIT easy-to-use multi-use ampoule opener from Qlicksmart in Australia significantly reduces the risks associated with opening ampoules by hand.

Here's how it works:

  1. INSERT the ampoule lid into the multi-use SnapIT
  2. SNAP open the ampoule
  3. EJECT the ampoule lid directly into a sharps container

More Information

Please contact Advance Scientific to request pricing for bulk quantities of this SnapIT.


 Compatible ampoule sizes*
1mL - 15 mL
80 mm x 17 mm
50 grams
 GMDM code
Plastic body: Stainless steel keyring & spring: Silicon O-ring
Yes: O-ring can be replaced if lost or broken.

*Compatibility depends on the ampoule's geometry and the diameter of the ampoule lid. Ampoules of the same size can have different configurations and lid diameters. The ampoule size in mLs is only given as a guideline.

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