UVCI-2400 | SmartView Pro 2400 gel imaging system with 2 megapixel CCD camera for blue light and white light imaging

Key Features

  • Standalone gel documentation system with high-quality 2 megapixel monochrome CCD camera
  • Pullout drawer-type UV transilluminator for gel positioning and excision. Optional UV protection shield available (please see accessories below)
  • Interchangeable emission filters
  • Intuitive 265 mm interface with colour touch-screen
  • 6X zoom lens for optimal image size
  • Automatic UV shut-off mechanism
  • Optional white light and blue light illuminators
  • Includes 1D image acquisition and analysis software 


The SmartView 2400 stand-alone gel imaging system from Major Science features a monochrome 2 megapixel CCD camera with an f1.2 lens aperture and a 6x zoom lens for optimal image sizing. This hardware combination captures superb quality images of DNA and protein gels with all lighting and camera control being implemented through an intuitive 265 mm colour touch screen. Post-acquisition image processing and analysis is provide by the software that is included with the imager.

The 2400 is fitted with a pull-out blue light  transilluminator and epi LED white light, and power is built in so that an optional white light illuminator can also be used with this instrument. The viewing window contains an amber filter and a wide range of emission filters are available to increase the flexibility of this novel imager. 

Optional Accessories

 Part Number
SmartView EtBr filter, 610 nm
SmartView SYBR green filter, 520 nm
SmartView amber filter, 580 nm
SmartView Pro UV protection shield
SmartView Pro lens filter stand (holds up to 4 lens filters)
Blue light illuminator: 470 nm: power built-in to darkroom
White light illuminator: 210 mm x 260 mm: power built-in to darkroom
Stylus pen
55 mm close up lens +1 for CCD imaging syste


Major Science
UXGA monochrome progressive 2 megapixel CCD camera
 Pixel size
4.4 µm x 4.4 µm
 Camera lens
f1.2: 12.5 - 75 mm manual 6X zoom lens
 Camera video output
12 bit
 Saved image
Maximum 16 bit
 Image storage
Built-in 14 GB memory (~3000 TIFF images) and USB flash
 Field of view (W x D)
260 mm x 210 mm
265 mm colour touch screen (800 x 600 pixels)
 Viewing window
Built-in blue light viewing window
 Window filter
Amber filter embedded in viewing window (580 nm)
 Light sources
Built-in pull-out blue light  transilluminator (470 nm) and epi white light
 Rated voltage            
100V - 240V: 50/60 Hz
 Dimensions (W x D x H)
410 mm x 405 mm x 915 mm
28.5 Kg

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