MUVB-121 | SmartView 121 transilluminator with both LED blue light and dual UV wavelength illumination at 254 nm and 312 nm

Key Features

  • Built-in blue light LED module for operator safety and reduced sample damage
  • Detachable SmartView amber filter to optimize blue light technology
  • Fast start up without flickering to instantaneously illuminate tubes
  • Adjustable UV protection cover for better viewing angle
  • Long life UV protected filter
  • High/low UV intensity switch to minimize DNA degradation
  • High efficiency reflector provides optimum use of UV light


The Major Science SmartView 121 transilluminator combines the safety of blue light with UV so that your lab only needs to purchase one instrument for both applications. Blue light is emitted at 470 nm and viewed through a detachable amber filter lid. The use of blue light for imaging gels provides the benefit of increased operator safety and reduced sample damage. 

The SmartView 121 transilluminator also provides dual UV sources emitting at 254 nm and 312 nm for those dyes that are more optimally activated by UV.


Major Science
UV wavelength 254 nm and 312 nm
Blue light wavelength470 nm
Filter size210 mm x 210 mm
UV light source9 x 8 W UV tubes
Blue light sourceModule containing 9 x 1 W blue LEDs
UV intensity switchHigh (100%)/ Low (70%)
Power requirements100 VAC - 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 A

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