BS-010125-AAK | Programmable mini shaker (Multi Bio 3D)

Key Features

  • Provides capability for orbital 3D rotation, reciprocal 3D motion and soft vibrating rocking
  • Operating temperature range from +4°C to +40°C makes the Multi Bio 3D ideal for use in cold rooms and incubators
  • Programmable
  • Timer sound signal
  • Supplied with non-slip silicone mat


The Multi Bio 3D programmable mini shaker includes functionality for orbital 3D rotation, reciprocal 3D motion and soft vibrating rocking which makes it ideal for a wide range of laboratory applications. These include agar plating, hybridisation reactions, cell culture, gel washing, and soft extraction and homogenisation of biological components in solutions.

The three motion methods of the Multi Bio 3D can be performed separately, pairwise, or in cycles that periodically repeat the sequence of the three motion types. Cycles can be set to be repeated up to 125 times.

The Multi Bio 3D has a wide operating temperature range from +4°C to +40°C which makes it suitable for use in cold rooms and incubators.

A non-slip silicone mat is included with the purchase of the Multi Bio 3D.


Model numberMulti Bio 3D
Speed control range (orbital and reciprocal motion)1 rpm - 100 rpm
Time setting range (orbital and reciprocal motion)0 - 250 seconds
Time setting range (soft vibrating rocking)0 - 5 seconds
Number of cycles1 - 125
Turning angle (reciprocal motion)0° - 360° in 30° increments
Fixed platform tilt angle
Maximum continuous operating time24 hours
Orbit22 mm
Rocking angle

Maximum loading capacity
1 Kg
Platform working area215 mm x 215 mm
Overall dimensions (W x D x H)
235 mm x 235 mm x 140 mm
1.8 Kg
External power supplyInput: 100 – 240 VAC/ 50/60 Hz | Output: 12 VDC

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