70119000 | Q-Cycler 96 high performance thermal cycler for use with 96- and 384-well thermal blocks

Key Features

  • High performance thermal cycler for use with 96- and 384-well thermal blocks
  • Unit can be operated in stand-alone mode or can be controlled from an external PC through the thermal cycler control software included with the instrument
  • Software access through intuitive 160 mm TFT colour touch screen for rapid programming and runs
  • Choice of five user-interchangeable blocks. Blocks are sold separately from the thermal cycler.
  • Internal auto validation prior to each program start and thermal engine validation function
  • Storage in individual user directories for >10,000 programmes
  • User file protection for programmes and reports
  • Inbuilt OQ testing and GLP reporting
  • Block/simulated consumable control modes
  • File organization using Windows Explorer format
  • Intelligent protocol creation wizard
  • Ramp rate of up to 6.0ºC/s for heating and up to 3.0ºC/s for cooling 
  • Fully adjustable heated lid
  • Programme resume/abandon function in the event of a power failure
  • USB connectivity


The  Q-Cycler 96 is a high performance thermal cycler driven by the latest Peltier-based thermal engine. It can be used in stand-alone mode or controlled by a PC through the software supplied with the instrument. 

Data can be entered into the instrument through the 160 mm TFT colour touch screen or through an external keyboard and mouse or from a bar code scanner. Actual and set block temperatures are shown on the graphical display in real-time along with data from the unit's sensors. Data pertaining to every experiment performed is recorded in a unique electronic GLP file to ensure full laboratory traceability and experimental validation.

Blocks for the Q-Cycler 96 are sold separately from the thermal cycler base unit and are manufactured from anodized aluminium or gold-coated silver. Each block contains four sensors and can be installed or interchanged within seconds with no requirement for any calibration or any skilled training on the part of the operator. Lid pressure can be adjusted to give high or low pressure depending upon whether microplates or tubes are being used.


Hain Lifescience
Model number
Q-Cycler 96
Temperature range of block4°C to 99.9°C with simulated volume-dependent control algorithm
Sample volume range5 - 100 uL
Sample accuracy±0.4°C (20 - 99°C) and ±1°C (4 - 20°C)
Sample homogeneity±0.4°C
Operating temp. range10°C - 30°C
Relative humidity0% to 95%
Max. heating rateUp to 6°C/sec
Max. cooling rateUp to 3°C/sec
Sample overshoot<1°C
Block traceabilityCalibration to UK National Standards
Communication interfaces4 USBs in front and 3 in rear
Lid temperature112°C
Lid pressureManually adjustable for tubes and microplates
Program storageNo limit
Power supply85 - 275 VAC: 48-62 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)34 cm x 42 cm x 26 cm
Weight~12 Kg
Warranty2 years

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