7009010 | Probe on 0.75 m lead for use with TAS variable probe systems, quantity of 1


This extra long thermistor-based temperature probe is designed to be used with the variable probe position version of the TAS thermal cycler validation system. It can be used to evaluate sample wells in hard to access thermal cycler blocks or blocks with non-standard well spacing. The probe is connected to the TAS controller via an 0.75 m lead. 

The probes have a rapid response time of <200 ms to ensure that even the fastest temperature events can be captured while a thermal cycler's heating and cooling systems are being evaluated. 

Each probe carries its own unique identity file which is automatically recognised by the TAS data acquisition and analysis software. This ensures integrity of temperature data from one test to the next and allows probes to be tracked if they are moved around in a probe head. 

Primary calibration of the TAS probes is to UK National Standards. Probes can be further calibrated to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard if required. Please see our probe recalibration services for more details.

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