PPsB-7.0 | Polystyrene microparticles, no surface modification, non-fluorescent blue colour, 6.0 um-7.9 um diameter


These 6.0 um - 7.9 um diameter blue-coloured polystyrene microparticles have no surface modification and are prepared by polymerizing a non-fluorescent dye into the styrene. These particles are free of solvent unlike particles that are prepared by staining with a solution of dye in an inorganic solvent.

These intensely coloured particles enhance visual detection in assays such as latex agglutination, dipstick and membrane-based assays.

More Information

The image associated with this microparticle is used for illustrative purposes only and is not representative of the physical characteristics of these polystyrene microparticles.


Kisker Biotech
Particle diameter
6.0 um - 7.9 um
5 mL
1.03 g/cm³            
Surface chemistry            
No surface modification        
Aqueous buffers, methanol, ethanol, DMSO
Halogenated hydrocarbons, toluene, strong acidic solutions e.g. 10% HCl          
Storage at room temperature          
Product form            
Supplied as a 1% suspension

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