6321 | MyGo Mini S real-time qPCR system, blue, 16 reaction wells

Key Features

  • Solid state system with no moving parts
  • Reduced hold times enable run times of <30 minutes 
  • 16 reaction wells
  • Superior intra-run and inter-run analytical precision in DNA quantification and melting point analysis 
  • Silent operation
  • Portable power supply for remote operation (input voltage: 11 VDC to 16 VDC | input power: 100 W)
  • Easy to use software and high performance algorithms to provide accurate results from complex data
  • Software can be installed on computers running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Uses standard 0.1 mL low profile tubes
  • Also available in red, green, pink and gold/orange 


The MyGo Mini S from IT-IS Life Science is the world’s first completely solid-state real-time qPCR machine with no moving parts. The result is a silent, compact and highly reliable instrument with the option of a 5 year extended warranty.

The MyGo Mini S demonstrates superior intra-run and inter-run analytical precision in DNA quantification and melting point analysis. Users can now address biological phenomena with subtle effects on gene expression or pathogen levels since the MyGo Mini S can discriminate down to a 10% difference in transcript concentration. For users performing HRM-based analysis of genetic variants the combination of thermal control, optical data quality and HRM data analysis of the MyGo Mini S system provide compelling functionality. The system can discriminate all classes of SNP including Class 4 SNPs via HRM.

The MyGo Mini S system comes with easy-to-use software and robust high performance algorithms which can provide accurate results from complex data. Automated analysis of complex HRM data makes this powerful technique more accessible to non-experts and minimises operator-dependent variability in data analysis. Automated report generation makes life easier for service providers and users operating within GLP quality systems.

The MyGo Mini S software can be installed on computers running Mac OS X, Windows and Linux operating systems. The MyGo Mini S is compatible with standard 0.1 mL low-profile tubes which are convenient and cost-effective.

Unlike some competitive instruments the MyGo Mini S software does not require a dedicated computer so users do not need to find the space or money for an additional computer to run the system. In addition the MyGo Mini S software enables the user to control up to 400 MyGo Mini S instruments whilst simultaneously analysing run data on one computer.

Optional Accessories

Part Number
Product Description
Remote power supply system for MyGo Mini


IT-IS Life Science
 Model number
MyGo Mini S
 Dimensions (W x D x H)
120 mm x 120 mm  x 160 mm
2.5 Kg
 Operating noise
100 - 240V AC ±10%
47 - 63 Hz
90 W
 Block capacity
16 microtubes
0.1 mL microtubes
 Reaction volume
10 - 100 µL
 Temperature control method
 Temperature range
37oC - 99oC
3oC/s heating: 1.5oC/s cooling
 Run time
<60 minutes
 Temperature resolution
 Temperature uniformity
0.05oC (SD)
 Temperature accuracy
 Fluorescence excitation
500 nm (blue LED)
 Fluorescence detection
500 nm - 650 nm (CMOS array)
 Multiplex level
Single copy detection
 Dynamic range
1.1 fold discrimination
 Factory calibrated dyes
SYBR Green 1, Resolight, FAM, VIC, HEX, CAL540, CAL560, LC Green, ROX, SYTO9 and ATTO 490LS
 User-selected custom dyes
 Supported assay formats
TaqMan, intercalators and HRM
 Connection options
LAN (up to 400 instruments, direct communication to computer (RJ45) or stand-alone  (USB stick)

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