MBE-200A | BluView blue light transilluminator for gel imaging and band cutting, 470 nm, 153 mm x 153 mm sample viewing area

Key Features

  • Emits blue light at 470 nm instead of UV so no risk to personnel or samples
  • Sample viewing area of 153 mm x 153 mm
  • Lightweight body with aluminium alloy casing
  • Portable
  • Low heat dispersion and energy use
  • Supplied with a separate 580 nm amber emission filter for band identification


The compact BluView transilluminator is designed for exciting and visualising fluorescent dyes that are activated in the 470 nm range. This makes it an ideal replacement for UV light that can pose a risk to lab personnel and damage nucleic acid samples. 

The BluView is made of a rugged aluminium alloy and is lightweight and easily portable between labs. The 580 nm amber emission filter is separate from the transilluminator to increase portability and allows for the easy visualisation of bands for identification and/or excision.

The MBE-200A operates on 12VDC from an external power supply to reduce energy use and to lower heat dispersion.

Ordering Information

Included in the purchase of this instrument are the BluView Transilluminator (MBE-200A) and a detachable amber filter (MBE-LID-AM580).


Major Science
Part Number
Dimensions (W x D x H)
200 mm x 200 mm x 14 mm
Viewing area (W x D)
153 mm x 153 mm
Blue light source
15 W
Illuminator base design
Flat bed
Blue light wavelength
470 nm
Automatic shutdown
~6 minutes
Aluminium alloy
Power requirements
12VDC : 2A
760 grams

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