285416616 | Infrared hot plate with glass ceramic plate (SLK1)

Key Features

  • Smooth and corrosion-resistant glass ceramic top plate
  • Hermetically-sealed instrument casing made of non-flammable Duroplastic 
  • High efficiency transmission of infrared light
  • Maximum hot plate temperature of 550ºC 
  • 24-step temperature regulator 
  • Rapid heating and excellent temperature stability
  • Large LCD screen displays the set and actual temperature 
  • Timer function
  • High-temperature indicator to prevent end-user burns


The SLK1 hot plate from Wiggens uses advanced infrared heating technology to rapidly and accurately heat solutions with volumes up to 25 litres. The instrument can heat 1 litre of water to boiling point in 10 minutes.

The SLK1 has a corrosion-resistant casing made of Duroplastic that can resist a thermal shock up to 700ºC and is hermetically-sealed to prevent fluid leakage into the electronics compartment.

The unit features a corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean glass ceramic hot plate that can be heated to 550ºC via a 24-step temperature regulator. It also has an LCD screen, a timer function and a high temperature indicator to provide operator safety while in use.


Model No.
Display mode
Heating power
1.2 kW
Maximum hot plate temperature
Top plate area (W x L)
280 mm x 280 mm
Heating zone
155 mm Ø
Top plate material
Glass ceramic
Dimensions (L x W x H)
395 mm x 295 mm x 110 mm
Maximum capacity
25 L
Operating range
10ºC - 40ºC
Maximum humidity
Protection category
Protection class
220 V: 50 Hz
3.6 Kg

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