CL2ARBEPS2D | CryoGen cryotubes with 2D Datamatrix code and external cap, STERILE, self-standing, 2 mL, case of 500 tubes

Key Features

  • CryoGen® 2D Datamatrix cryotubes are manufactured from medical grade polypropylene. Caps are manufactured from medical grade polyethylene and co-molded with a thermoplastic elastomer certified to provide a 100% leak-proof seal.
  • Datamatrix code inserted in bottom of tube, sequential and corresponding to the Code 128 printed on the tube body. The linear barcode on each vial includes human readable characters printed in both left and right hand orientations for easy readability.
  • Certified human DNA-, DNase-, RNase-, pyrogen-, ATP- and PCR inhibitors-free
  • Sterile (SAL 10-6)
  • CE-IVD marked
  • Certified IATA PI 650
  • Manufactured in Clean Room Class ISO 7 (UNI EN ISO 14644-1). Class 10000 (US FED STD 209E).
  • Working temperature down to -196oC in gas phase of liquid nitrogen
  • Tubes and caps are chemically-resistant and autoclavable
  • Printed graduations for accurate measurements
  •  Self-standing vials interlock in workstations.
  • White writing surface for specimen identification
  • Colour-coded inserts are available to fit caps for quick sample identification
  • Star-shaped cap cavity is engineered for use with automatic decapping equipment. Also features a locking base to prevent tubes rotating within racks during capping and recapping.


These CryoGen® 2D Datamatrix cryotubes are manufactured by Biosigma from medical grade polypropylene under stringent clean room conditions. They are certified human DNA-, DNase-, RNase-, pyrogen-, ATP- and PCR inhibitors-free and are supplied in sealed Zip bags with sterilization indicator.

The Datamatrix codes inserted into the bottom of the tubes are sequential and correspond to the Code 128 on the tube body. The linear barcode on each vial includes human-readable characters printed in both left and right orientations for easy readability. They also have a white writing surface for additional sample identification.

The 2D barcode is automatically generated from the linear barcode during the manufacturing process using a permanent laser etching system. The 2D insert is secured into the bottom of the tube by ultrasonic welding and every tube is checked to ensure that it meets exacting standards of readability.

The innovative screw caps have been specifically designed to eliminate leakage and sample contamination through a proprietary technology that co-molds the polyethylene cap with a thermoplastic elastomer layer. This process creates a 100% certified leak-proof seal (to 95 kPa) and eliminates the problems encountered with brands that use separate O-rings.

These tubes have been designed to be used with automatic cappers/decappers by engineering a star-shaped top cavity into the cap. The tubes feature printed graduations for accurate measurements and optional colour-coded cap inserts are available for rapid sample identification.


 Cap design
 Volume (mL)
 Height (cm)
 Bottom style
 Internal packaging
10 sealed Zip bags of 50 tubes with sterilization indicator  
 Sale unit
Dispenser box containing 10 bags of 50 tubes (500 tubes)

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