MI-01 | Maestrogen gel imaging system with 18.5 megapixel digital camera and LED blue light and UV light sources (MI-01 Mini-Imager)

Key Features

  • 18.5 megapixel Canon M-series digital camera
  • Embedded LED blue light (470 nm) and UV light sources (302 nm) 
  • Switchable UV and blue light amber filter 
  • 3 inch TFT colour LCD
  • WiFi and USB (2.0) interface for data transfer as well as SD/SDHC memory card
  • Small footprint and light enough to easily move around your lab
  • JPEG image format 


This compact, economical and portable gel imaging system from Maestrogen is ideal for routine image capture from gels stained with UV dyes such as Ethidium Bromide or blue light-sensitive fluorescent dyes such as GelRed, GelGreen, SYBRSafe and SYBR Green that are excited in the 470 nm range. 

The darkroom contains embedded LED blue light (470 nm) and UV light sources (302 nm) that conserve space compared to transilluminators. The imaging system includes an 18.5 megapixel digital camera that is incorporated into the hood. It also includes a switchable filter holder that allows switching between UV and blue LED light sources. 

Captured images can be sent by USB (2.0) or wirelessly to a suitable device or stored on the camera's SD/SDHC memory card in JPEG format.


Darkroom dimensions
(external & with camera)
203 mm x 250 mm x 364 mm (W x D x H)
Light source
UV-B (302 nm) & LED blue light (470 nm)
Viewing area
150 mm x 80 mm
Compatible gels
50 mm x 60 mm: 105 mm x 60 mm:  125 mm x 60 mm
Weight (darkroom & camera)
~ 8 Kg
12VDC: 2A: 30W adapter

Camera make
Canon M-series
18.5 megapixels
76 mm TFT colour LCD
15 mm ~ 45 mm: F1.8 (wide) - F11.0 (telephoto)
Camera modes
Manual, program, aperture priority and shutter priority
Auto, 100, 200 ~12800
Shutter speed (s)
1/4000~30 seconds
WiFi transfer or USB (2.0)
Storage media            
SD/SDHC memory card
Storage format            
JPEG (ExifVer 2.3), RAW
Video output            
NTSC / PAL selectable (HDMI)

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