HK Plus | Ultrapure hydrogen gas generators with up to 99.9995% purity (HK Plus Series)

Key Features

  • Low maintenance purification system generates hydrogen gas to 99.9995% purity
  • Uses 100% titanium electrolytic cell for hydrogen generation
  • Unique drying mechanism uses a regenerative permeation membrane and not desiccants
  • Flow rate options from 100 mL/min - 250  mL/min (please see below)
  • No pipeline or bottle changing requirements 
  • No acid or alkaline solutions used in the hydrogen generation cycle
  • Advanced software control and safety alarm systems to protect personnel


The HK Plus series generate hydrogen gas of 99.9995% purity for use as a fuel or plasma gas for chromatography and other critical applications. The HK Plus series produce hydrogen by forcing distilled or deionised water through an advanced Swiss-made titanium electrolytic cell. Electrolytic dissociation separates the water into its two main components: hydrogen ready for analytical use and oxygen that is released into the air. No acid or alkaline solutions are used in the hydrogen generation cycle and the patented automatic drying system ensures the maximum level of hydrogen purity.

Safety is a major concern when using hydrogen so substituting the HK Plus for bottle or pipeline sources significantly increases the protection level. Advanced software control and safety alarm systems also protect personnel.

Instrument Configurations

Model NumberHydrogen Flow RateHydrogen Purity (%)
HK Plus 100100 mL/min99.9995
HK Plus 160160 mL/min99.9995
HK Plus 250250 mL/min99.9995


Model seriesHK Plus
Flow rate options
100 mL/min - 250 mL/min
Touch screen displaying operating parameters, system status and alarms
LED indicators
Power ON/OFF, system ready and errors
Generation methodologyProton exchange membrane/ 100% titanium electrolytic cell
Internal water tank capacity2.5 litres
Drying methodology
Regenerative permeation membrane
Maximum outlet pressure
7 bar (100 psi)
Water quality
Deionised | <1µS/cm at 25°C
1/8" compression
Power requirements
220 - 240 V/ 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H)
230 mm x 370 mm x 480 mm
13 Kg
USB type A

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