BS-060102-AA4 | Inteliwasher microplate washer for 96-well microplates, microstrips and microrrays on FAST frames (3D-IW8)

Key Features

  • Designed for washing standard 96-well microplates, microstrips as well as microarrays in  FAST frames (rectangular well shape)
  • Suitable for washing microplates with flat, U-shape or V-shape well bottoms
  • Residual liquid volume in plate well of ≤2 μl
  • Capacity for one waste bottle and three wash bottles with independent dispensing channels
  • User-programmable with 50 washing protocols pre-installed
  • Provides washing, rinsing and mixing modes
  • Automated plate set up. Instrument adjusts to accept different depths of plate wells.


The 3D-IW8 Inteliwasher microplate washer from Biosan has been developed for washing standard 96-well microplates, microstrips and microarrays in FAST frames (rectangular well shape). Microplate well bottoms can be flat, U-shaped or V-shaped. 

The 3D-IW8 is fully programmable so that the end-user can create their own customised and automated multi-step protocols. Functionality includes:

  • Washing mode
  • Rinsing mode
  • Mixing mode
  • Soaking mode
  • Single point, two point, circular or rectangular path aspiration
  • Option for additional solution mixing during time gap between two work cycles
  • Round-bottom plate and microstrip washing mode

The 3D-IW8 is supplied with 50 pre-installed programmes divided into five aspiration categories as follows:

Type 1 (1.0–1.9): IPF96 U/V for round and V-shape microplates: 1 point aspiration
Type 2 (2.0–2.9): IPF96 FLAT-2 for flat-bottom shape microplates: 2 point aspiration
Type 3 (3.0–3.9): IPF96 FLAT-C for rectangular shape microplates: full-circle aspiration direction
Type 4 (4.0–4.9): FastFRAME-2 for multi-slide plate* with rectangular wells
Type 5 (5.0–5.9): FastFRAME-C for multi-slide* plate with rectangular wells

* Compatible with FAST frame multi-slide plates or multi-slide plates from other manufacturers that are designed to hold standard 25 mm x 76 mm glass slides.

Optional Accessories

A 4-channel washing and waste solution weight logger is available that provides automatic feedback of rinsing solution and waste volumes. The washer shows remaining volume for each bottle as a percentage and gives a warning message in case of low solution volume or a full waste bottle.


Model number
Minimum dispense volume
25 μl
Maximum dispense volume
1600 μl
Dispense increments
25 μl
Dispensing accuracy
Residual liquid volume in plate well
≤2 μl
Number of wells washed simultaneously
Number of washing cycles
1 - 15
Aspiration time
1 second - 3 seconds
Final aspiration time
1 second - 3 seconds
Aspiration/dispensing speed
3 levels
Max. number of channels in a program
Washing liquid bottles
Waste liquid bottles
Soaking time
0 seconds - 300 seconds in 10 second increments
Shaking time
0 seconds - 150 seconds in 5 second increments
Number of washed rows
1 - 12
Time for one plate wash (300 μl well volume)
45 seconds
Number of pre-installed programmes
Plate platform and washing head movement
LCD, 8 line
Ambient temperature operating range
+10°С to +35°С
Relative humidity operating range
Up to 80% at +25°С decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 35°C
Overall dimensions (W × D × H)
375 mm х 345 mm х 180 mm
9.9 Kg
Input current/power consumption
12 V DC:  1.8 A:  22 W
External power supply
Input AC 100–240 V
50/60 Hz; Output DC 12 V

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