BS-050102-AAK | Densitometer for suspension turbidity quantification (DEN-1)

Key Features

  • Ideal for the measurement of turbidity of solutions containing cells or microorganisms
  • Measures turbidity over a wide range of McFarland units at 565 nm
  • LED light source
  • Suitable for glass and transparent plastic 12 mm tubes (with included adapter), 16 mm tubes (with included adapter) or 18 mm tubes without an adapter
  • LCD display
  • Instrument is factory calibrated using 16 mm glass tubes.
  • External power supply


The DEN-1 densitometer has been developed to measure the turbidity of a solution containing cells or microorganisms. Turbidity is measured over a range of 0 - 15.0 McFarland units which equates to 0 - 150 x 107 cells/mL).

Key applications for the DEN-1 include:

  • Measurement of cell concentration (e.g. bacteria and yeast cells) during fermentation
  • Determination of microorganism sensitivity to antibiotics
  • Microorganism identification using various test systems
  • Measurement of absorption at fixed wavelength
  • Quantitative estimation of concentration using solutions that absorb green light

The DEN-1 is compatible with glass and transparent plastic 12 mm tubes (with included adapter), 16 mm tubes (with included adapter) or 18 mm tubes without an adapter. The instrument is factory-calibrated for use with 16 mm diameter glass tubes with calibration parameters being stored in the DEN-1 in case the unit needs to be reset to factory calibration settings.


Model number
Measurement range
0 - 15 McFarland units
Display resolution
0.01 McFarland units
Light source
Measurement wavelength (λ)
565 nm ±15 nm
Accuracy (0.3 - 5.0 McF)
Measurement time
1 second
Sample volume
≥2 mL
Tube external diameter
12 mm (with included adapter), 16 mm (with included adapter), or 18 mm (without adapter)
Restore factory calibration settings
Overall dimensions (W x D x H)
165 mm x 115 mm x 75 mm
0.7 Kg
External power supply (supplied with instrument)
Input: 100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz | Output: 12 VDC

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