BK-EL10C | ELISA microplate reader with eight optical channels for use with 96-well microplates

Key Features

  • Wavelength range from 400 nm - 750 nm
  • Eight optical channels (vertical)
  • 96-well plate reading speed of 7 seconds
  • Four narrow-band interference filters as standard 
  • Reading range from 0.000 Abs - 4.000 Abs
  • Three levels of plate shaking
  • 256 mm LCD touch screen control
  • Single and dual wavelength detection methods
  • Tungsten halogen light source

Product Description

This ELISA microplate reader has eight optical channels and can read a standard SBS 96-well microplate with transparent bottom in 7 seconds. It can perform both single and dual wavelength measurements and provides multiple modes such as absorbance, quantitative, qualitative, and inhibition ratio tests through the software provided with the instrument.

The instrument has a wavelength range from 400 nm and 750 nm and a reading range from 0.000 Abs - 4.000 Abs. The unit is controlled through a 256 mm LCD touch screen and four standard filters (405 nm: 450 nm : 492 nm : 630 nm) are installed in the filter wheel. The filter wheel has six additional spaces for optional filters. 

The BK-EL10C offers three levels of plate shaking from mild to strong and the shaking time can be set from 0 s - 255 s.

More Information

An optional printer and a range of interference filters are available for the BK-EL10C. Please contact Advance Scientific for details.

The following items are included with the purchase of the BK-EL10C.

  • ELISA microplate reader with four installed interference filters
  • Power cable
  • USB cable
  • Ground cable
  • Touch pen for LCD screen
  • CD with control and analysis software
  • Spare fuse


Measurement channel8 optical channels (vertical)
Plate typeStandard 96-well microplate with transparent bottom
Wavelength range400 nm - 750 nm
Filter4 standard wavelengths | 405 nm: 450 nm : 492 nm : 630 nm 
Reading range0.000 Abs - 4.000 Abs
Linear range0.000 Abs - 3.000 Abs
Resolution0.0001 Abs
Stability≤±0.005 Abs
Sensitivity≥0.01 mg/L
Channel difference≤0.02 Abs
Plate shaking optionsThree strengths (mild, medium, or strong) with variable shaking speed from 0 - 255 s
Power supplyVAC 100 - 240 | 50/60 Hz
Instrument dimensions (W x D x H)450 mm x 320 mm x 300 mm
Weight13 Kg
External interfaceRS232

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