Alliance Q9 MINI | Alliance Q9 MINI imaging system with 9.2 megapixel CCD camera for chemiluminescence, fluorescence, blue light, RGB multiplexing, IR/NIR and visible light applications

Key Features

  • 9.2 megapixel resolution camera with latest generation CCD sensor and super-wide f0.80 lens aperture for superior signal sensitivity and resolution
  • Ideal for visible light (colorimetric), blue light, fluorescent, chemiluminescent (ECL: Western Blot), chemifluorescent, biofluorescent, IR/NIR and multiplexed imaging applications
  • 3 stage regulated Peltier air cooling to -60°C absolute (-80°C below ambient) for increased signal-to-noise ratio
  • Fully computer-controlled darkroom lighting
  • Lens features auto exposure with manual, pre-calibrated aperture and focus
  • Saturation monitoring
  • Full door aperture and roll-out transilluminator for easy darkroom access and sample placement
  • User-interchangeable plug-and-play transilluminator system with a range of transilluminators available
  • 16-bit pixel depth, 4.8 OD dynamic range and 65535 grey scales
  • Extra-wide 24 cm x 20 cm field of view. Closest sample-to-camera distance currently available in an imager.
  • Biopanel  red, green and blue (RGB) lighting panel and epi LED white light included as standard. Optional CHROMAPURE© net-LED epi lighting panels offering UV 365, RGB, IR and NIR available (please see below).
  • Fully motorised 7 position filter wheel
  • UV security switch and timer
  • Robust stainless steel darkroom. Epoxy painted for chemical resistance and easy cleaning.
  • Wide range of emission filters available
  • Supplied with unlimited free license (with free upgrades) for NINE-ALLIANCE image acquisition and analysis software


The UVITEC Alliance Q9 MINI (Q9 MINI) is an advanced imaging system based on proprietary optics and a super-cooled 9.2 megapixel, 16-bit pixel depth CCD camera. When combined with an extremely bright lens (f0.80) the Q9 MINI's optical system exhibits very low noise, superb signal sensitivity and resolution, and makes the  Q9 MINI ideal for visible light, blue light, fluorescent, chemiluminescent (Western blot), chemifluorescent, bioluminescent, IR/NIR and multiplexed imaging applications. The Q9 MINI incorporates an impressive list of features such as auto exposure, a UV security timer, a motorised 7 position filter wheel and multiple wavelength illumination options. 


A wide range of software functions are incorporated into the NINE ALLIANCE image acquisition and analysis software that is supplied with the  Q9 MINI. These include intuitive menus, buttons that are easy to understand and to operate, and a wide range of automatic settings and protocols to quicken and simplify the image acquisition process. If you prefer a more hands-on approach then plenty of manual functionality has also been incorporated into the Q9 MINI's software. Key features of the software include:

  • Default and fully customisable protocols
  • A range of acquisition modes including auto, manual, serial and live preview
  • Extensive analysis tools for quantification and normalisation, molecular weight and automatic band detection
  • Image enhancement capabilities including annotation, crop, rotate, background subtraction, artifact correction, flat field and multiplexing
  • 3D visualisation and live 3D acquisition modes
  • 21CFR part 11 ready (21CFR part 11 capability available as an optional add-on)

CHROMAPURE© net-LED module technology

The Q9 MINI is fitted with the Biopanel LED lighting system as standard. The Biopanel provides powerful red, green and blue LED lighting for multiplexing applications. Also available as an option for multiplexing is the CHROMAPURE© LED lighting system that is equipped with the unique net-LED lighting modules. The net-LED is an epi-illumination module into which super-bright UV, red, green, blue, near infrared or infrared strip lights can be inserted. The CHROMAPURE© is designed to be plug-and-play so it can be inserted into your Alliance system at any time.

Eight different net-LED lighting options are available and the CHROMAPURE© modules can hold up to three lights at a time. The lights are plug-and-play and can easily be interchanged by the end-user. 

A net-LED module is attached on each side of the  Q9 MINI darkroom with adjustable arms and the long-life LEDs are organized in arrays in order to maximize excitation energy on the sample. This unique epi illumination technology gives stronger and more homogeneous light across the entire sample area in contrast to the spot LEDs found in other gel imaging systems that emit a weaker signal and create non-uniform lighting across the sample area. 

The net-LED module allows the automatic setting of filters, lens focus and exposure settings to ensure data consistency. The module, when fitted with infrared arrays, can be used to image LI-COR and similar infrared dyes.

What also differentiates UVITEC's net-LED technology from other epi lighting systems is that a series of narrow band-pass filters have been developed to complement the net-LED epi lights. Eleven different emission filters are available so you can choose the correct filter to match your fluorescent dye's emission spectra.

System configuration

The following items are included in the purchase of the Alliance Q9 MINI:

  • Chemiluminescence ready darkroom and camera with epi white light LED panels and Biopanel RGB LED lighting system
  • 9.2 megapixel CCD camera with f0.80 lens
  • 7 position motorised filter wheel
  • Unlimited free license for the NINE-ALLIANCE image acquisition and analysis software
  • Emission filter for use with Ethidium bromide and other fluorophores that emit in the 590 nm range
  • Chemiluminescence sample plate for Western blot imaging

More Information

Why should I choose an Alliance Q9 gel imaging system for my lab? Please click here to find out.


 Resolution9.2 megapixels (3380 x 2704) native resolution with 18 megapixel extended resolution
 Quantum efficiency (QE) peak>73%
 Lens38 mm
 Lens aperturef0.80
 Distance to sample24 cm
 Field of view24 cm x 20 cm
 Pixel depth16 bit
 Grey scales65535
 Dynamic range4.8 OD
 Filter wheel7 position motorised
 Cooling-60°C compared to ambient
 Footprint 35 cm  x 35 cm

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